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    Normally I go into hibernation during the long, dreary days that don't have live NFL football on the weekends. However, this offseason has been particularly exciting, so I just wanted to add my two cents in there. I apologize if I am doubling up a few topics, but I find it hard to determine which is the "right" Welker thread or Thomas thread, etc.

    * One of my favorite things that NE does, and one of the reasons that they can be successful in the draft, is the spakling of whatever holes exist through FA. NE had two obvious needs, LB and WR, as well as another strong preference, blocking TE. Check, check and incomplete. Slapping the tag onto Samuel also touches upon the CB issue, albeit temporarily.. What killed NE against Indy was having a gaping hole somewhere, and they are working again to ensure that they don't next year.

    * I have heard many people question whether Thomas excelled in Baltimore due to the players around him. What I have yet to hear is anyone make the next logical step by asking, "How are the players in NE?" I don't think anyone actually thinks that Thomas was the sole contributor to Balt's defense. And he won't be asked to be in NE either. Newsflash! NE was #2 in the points allowed last year. There has to be a couple good guys on the team, don't there?

    * I have to ask why anyone questions the Welker move at all. Contract size is a non-issue until more details are known and way too many people are making two big mistakes: undervaluing Welker and overvaluing draft picks. Yes, yes, I admit it. I am an unabashed Welker unit smoker. I love the guy and have since the first game I saw him play. Every time he plays NE he makes at least one hige play, usually 2 or 3. He is clearly one of the best returnmen in the game, and that value is icreased by the fact that he returns both punts and KOs. He isn't the deep threat that people covet (and NE needs), but he is what NE needs even more, a consistent chain mover from the slot. Having a Troy Brown circa 1999/2000 would allow NE to use their other WRs in more elaborate, and hopefully, more effective ways.

    Believe me, if the shoe was on the other foot, there is no way that fans would let Welker leave for "only" a late 2nd. He is a dynamo and I pray that I will be given the chance to be proven right.

    I welcome your thoughts.
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    Welker's pick is only 4 picks ahead of the 3rd round so it's not as bad as people think. Plus, his high contract is misleading because it has a huge poison pill in the last year which doesn't count. It's really 5 years, 18 Mill
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    The questioning traces primarily to the Borges doom piece, reportedly quoting former a Ravens DC, Marvin Lewis. To counter that, one might note that another (more recent) former Ravens DC, Mike Nolan, was ready to open to vaults to lure Thomas to the West Coast.
  4. DarrylS

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    Peter King indicated that Thomas is an east coast guy, and would prefer to stay here vis a vis moving his family to the west coast. So the whole SF thing was not even a consdieration in the context of his family.
  5. patchick

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    Agreed...I wasn't talking about the decision process at all, just pointing out that his DC from 2001-4 wanted to sign him in a big way. Marvin Lewis, meanwhile, only coached Thomas as a 6th-round rookie.
  6. TruthSeeker

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    I think it was more of a wanting to play for a winning team, trying to win, NOW! SF is rebuilding, a very young team, so I'm sure for a 30 year old LB they were less attractive.

    As far as west coast vs east coast, I lived in and near SF for 7 years, and when you walk around the city of SF, the first thing I noticed is it's truly an east coast type of city. Also, some of the best schools around. It's a great area to bring up families (as a response to the family context). The San Francisco Bay Area is a wonderful area, and I miss it dearly.
  7. DarrylS

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    Peter King was talking about location and proximity to his actual home, verses the cultural/amenity thing. SF is pretty comparable to Boston, but Boston is closer to Mississippi or Alabama wherever he is from.
  8. DW Toys

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    Special sweet butter scotch bread and some flavored coffee for breakfast with a little O.J.this morning. More news!

    "Houston we have a problem". It's actually the NFL in NYC, and we need to fix this garbage.

    From a selfish side, there is the big play, high yield LB that would make the NE LB core the best in the NFL for sure and younger, if this player below can be added. We still need another LB right? Bellow might be our source. Would we pay a #1 choice to the Bears and write this dude a contract to match A.D.'s? It's like swapping Branch for Briggs (not bad Cousins!!!) and perhaps add some cannon fodder like a Marquis Hill. Why not?

    Joey Porter or Lance Briggs?....Hmmmmm.

    Now let's get back to the problem these idiot agents and their players have created.Our little twerp D. Branch stamps his foot and pokes out his lip and we have to trade him because "he feels he is outplaying his present contract". Now Briggs wants his Franchise Tag rescinded so he can shoot his way out of Chicago. Fraom no on I want to see archived pictures from the day of every contract that every NFL player signs to see if there was a gun to his head, or pictures of his family at the same time to make sure there was not a hostage situation!

    Gentlemen, if you outplay your contract when your old contract is up, every team in the NFL would be stupid not to reward you (see AD. see Clement). Why even bother having contracts if you "disresect" (we hear that one alot) your signed contract that you and every one of your family and your agent celebrated that day back when? I expect no one there was saying "Boy this is going to suck lemons three or four years from now".

    An idea. I say the NFL suspends each player one half the following season (8 games) as a detrement to this crap from both players and obliging suitor teams (this action would be legally labeled and classified as a detrement to the league) and the NFL players association will have to buy into that or this is going to be one large "cluster you-know-what" in the future. They cannot support this "blackmail" from their players as it is killing the golden goose. Now the dummy player can still get his "respect" and "put groceries on his table" by this multimillion dollar signings but there is a half year taken off of his NFL shelf life.

    Next, why are these players assuming that they outplayed their contracts all by themselves? This is an insult to their coaches and fellow players. Did not Tom Brady have a lot to do with Branchs' success? How about the coaches that called his number? How about the "O" line that blocked or the other WR that drew double coverage? How about if Mr. Hot "disrespected and I want to move on" Shot NFL player had to pay his team mates and coaches a piece of his new found blackmail dollar? Cool!

    Now down off my soap box. Let's look at this guy once more!
    DW Toys
    Len Pasquarelli, of, reports Chicago Bears LB Lance Briggs says he does not want to play another game for the team unless the Bears rescind the franchise tag placed on him this offseason. "There's a difference between the Chicago Bears team and the Chicago Bears organization," Briggs said Sunday, March 4. "The Chicago Bears team? The coaches, players, city and fans? Yeah, I could stay there forever. I love it. But the Chicago Bears organization? I don't want to be there anymore. I won't play for them and I'll do everything in my power to keep from playing there." "They need to either [rescind] the franchise tag, and let me move on, or trade me to another team," Briggs added. "Because that's about the only way this thing can have any kind of a positive resolution."
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    Why don't we save our picks and grab Danny Clark instead? Will cost less to sign him, and he's proven capable in the 3-4.
  10. DW Toys

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    I agree. Wanted to see Clark last year. Is fast, a good guy and still young. Was productive. Had some minor injuries.

    What about Ed Hartwell? Good character guy. Smart. Like only 27. Was a stud in Baltimore, then went FA and has been nicked. 400 tackles and 3 interceptions in six year but really only played three full seasons. An MLB with speed and youth who is recovering nicely now and put in a rotation here would bring him around slowly. Played next to AT for awhile when the Ravens backing core was the best in the NFL.

    Less we all forget, Barry Gardner was going to make the Pats last year until he broke his leg in PS. He is rehabbing . He is an MLB and started many games in his carreer(Eagles).
    Nobody mentions him as depth or a possible MLB rotation guy. Not a bad pick-up last year. Bad luck for him to get hurt so we picked up Seau.

    Really would like Brian Simmons , Seau or Donnie Edwards but they do not address the age issue in the LB core.

    DW Toys
  11. denverpatsfan

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    I like Welker, but how much of his success at WR is due to the fact that defense's 3rd defensive back is covering him? The Phins have 2 solid WR's ahead of him that require teams starting DB's to cover them. Does Caldwell and Gaffney draw the opposing teams top DB's??

    As a replacement for Brown and a solid contributor on ST's I like the deal, but I am not expecting a huge season at receiver from him like he had in 06.
  12. Fixit

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    The top DB's have to cover someone.

    Who cares if he has the same numbers? Will he help the team move the chains and win games? If the answer is yes, then it's a good pickup.

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