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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by aabtec, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. aabtec

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    With the addition of AD and the new wr's..Does anyone think that the Pats secondary (aka signing Asante) might not be a hug issue.

    The Offensive just got alot better. We have the ability to stay on the field longer (if skippy does not mess it up) and with AD on the outside with Vrable on the inside we have the ability to get to the QB quickly.

    How much of a need do we have for signing Asante to a Huge contract ?

    Plus this does not take into consideration of our draft picks...
  2. Jimke

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    I think that the Pats have done a terrific job improving their team. Their

    offense should be much better since they now have a deep threat. Also,

    Thomas was the best free agent available. The trouble is that you still

    need cornerbacks to cover Peyton Manning's receivers. Our best is Asante

    Samuel and his replacement would probably be Randall Gay. I still think

    the Pats have hopes of keeping Asante for at least one more year.
  3. Willie55

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    With the money the Pats I would rather keep Asante around, but not a break the bank amount.

    If the Pats just let guys walk and dont think the secondary is important and think they can keep their offense on the field long enough to keep the other team from scoring, they will morph into the Colts.
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  4. WhiZa

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    I think it is a hug issue. I mean, look at all the missed tackles the secondary had last year.

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