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    AMEN!!! I can now happily enjoy sports talk for the next two weeks! Okay maybe not, I will probably still get annoyed because I'm sure someone somehow will have bad things to say about the Pats, but what they cannot say is that the Colts are better, wooohooo!!! Thanks, Patriots!!!!
  2. patsox23

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    This would've been a brutal loss to carry around for two weeks. As it is, our toughest game (and thoughest test) is in the rearview, and the team can rest up.

    I'd like to see Adalius recover whatever he's been missing, maybe even take off the Bills game.

    Hope we'll have good news on Troy and CJ ('though I'll feel bad for, say, Gaffney and/or Washington - it would hurt to get cut from a team with a chance to be this kind of "special."

    A bit more time for Corey to get into shape if the Patriots are interested in bringing him in. Frankly, given what he showed the last couple of seasons, I'm more than happy to let him stay retired and give Eckel a few more carries. Obviously Dillon is better, but he's less versatile - and is he "better enough?"

    Good for Benjamin Watson to heal up some more - ditto on Kyle Brady.

    Any other injuries yesterday?
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