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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by 37Harrison, Sep 22, 2010.

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    I thought we could use a thread on the waiver wire pickups for the week.

    Top 10 Waiver Wire Pickups for week 3:

    1. Demaryius Thomas DEN vs. IND
    2. Jason Snelling ATL @ NO
    3. Kevin Walter HOU vs. DAL
    4. Mike Tolbert SD @ SEA
    5. Aaron Hernandez NE vs. BUF
    6. Kyle Orton DEN vs. IND
    7. Dustin Keller NYJ @ MIA
    8. Louis Murphy OAK @ ARI
    9. Marcedes Lewis JAX vs. PHI
    10. Donald Brown IND @ DEN

    So I would like to pick up Demaryius Thomas but I'm not sure who to drop. Guys I'm considering to drop are: Michael Crabtree, Dez Bryant, Cadillac Williams, Beanie Wells.

    What would you do?

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