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  1. 51Hits

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    Lets discuss the OL...

    I don't trust the current group we have protecting Brady because they've failed miserably the past 2 post seasons in the biggest games. (I realize they didn't sack Brady a lot in the AFC title game but he was running around too much)

    Does anyone see any improvements coming? If so, inform me. I honestly like all the moves they've made thus far on defense, IMO the one last key is staying healthy/solidifying the OL.
  2. nashvillepatsfan

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    I'm sure BB is not done making moves. As for trusting the OL, at this time last year, I didnt trust them, and was proven wrong. This year, I'm going to try not to stress about it, and just trust in DS.
  3. Armchair Quarterback

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    Mankins hasn't been healthy for a few seasons now. A healthy season from him and Vollmer should help. Wendell was solid at Center. Solder gets another off-season to add strength and could be ready to take his game to the next level. I could see Cannon challenge Connolly at RG, who was better at Center than at Guard. A Solder-Mankins-Wendell-Cannon-Vollmer line could potentially be very good.
  4. Big-T

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    Mankins & Vollmer were banged up by the time the AFCCG came around so the line wasn't even close to at its best.

    Now there's a new tackle who has been a starter at LT (Svitek) which gives the team the option to move Cannon to guard if injuries occur.

    + the biggest reason not to worry - Scar is still around :rocker:
  5. ALP

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    From what I remember of the AFC champ game pressure wasn't that big of a prob
  6. Galeb

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    Wendell was solid in the running game, but was somewhat of a liability in pass protection. Unless he improves, he is a JAG at best.
  7. DaBruinz

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    I find it funny that people start talking about needing to upgrade the O-line AFTER the draft.. As if there would be any additions that could possibly make it better available at this time.

    The O-line didn't cost us the SuperBowl in 2011. And it didn't cost us the AFCCG in 2012. Do I think they could have tried to upgrade it? Yep. I would have liked to have seen either Jones or Schweinke taken for center as I'm not sold on Wendell, though he does seem to be better than Koppen was during Koppen's final 2 years with the Pats. Connolly can be upgraded at RG. Maybe this is the year that Cannon pushes Connolly back onto the bench. I think that Cannon has starter ability and could be a road grader there. And it would sure surprise teams if we could run the ball effectively to both sides at any time.
  8. letekro

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    No offensive line is an impenetrable wall. Some of the onus is on Brady and the receivers to make plays when the protection is less than perfect. If healthy, the line is fine. If not, it may not be. But, you could say that about every line in the league.
  9. doesntmatter1

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    The line is pretty solid. The only weak link is connolly and he is pretty good. The only time connolly struggled here and there was when he faced jj watt and haloti ngata and you got to give a break on that. Also Vollmer didn't get as much push in the running game as years past but I still view him as elite.
  10. Brady2Moss

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    We have premium players at 3 positions LT RT LG, can't all be all pros. But I would not mind upgrading RG (Cannon maybe?) and sliding Connolly back to center. The best line in recent years in the playoffs was that 2011 like with Waters. An improvement to RG is honestly the best you can do.

    The line is already great when healthy, I think RT was a problem in the AFCCG need Vollmer to be healthy.
  11. JackBauer

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    This couldn't be more wrong.
  12. tonyto3690

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    The offensive line didn't cost us this past afccg. Play calling, injuries, and our wrs did.
  13. mgteich

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    The only folks who question Scar and our OL are whining message boards posters.

    1) Our OL is one of the best in the NFL.

    2) Our development process is one of the best in the NFL.

    3) We have the best coaching in the nil.

    4) Mankins is one of top 8 OL's in the NFL.

    5) Wendell is a fine center.

    We need a backup G. If Scar believes in McDonald, the need is not severe. We will likely bring in a vet or two. OF COURSE, if Scar thinks that Cannon is ready to backup at OG, we are in very fine shape in our backups.
  14. BlueThunder

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    Have to agree with alot of the posters on this thread. When healthy, the Pats OL is fine. Having quality depth at ALL positions on the team is difficult.

    WR and DB will be the positions to watch this year. If those positions solidify, the Pats will be a tough team to beat in the playoffs. :rocker:
  15. BaltimorePatsFan

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    The o-line is fine as long as the Pats don't play the Giants. If they do, then expect Logan "best guard in football" Mankins to whiff on a number of plays.
  16. Christian

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    OL will be fine. We've got a solid group going in. Health will be the issue, as it always is. Hoping to see Solder step up into a top 5 LT and Mankins regain form. Would also like to see Cannon get a shot at RG. I think they prefer him to be their swing tackle though. Maybe that changes with Svitvek in.

    Only thing I'm worried about is the new receivers blending in. Lots of change. I like it though. Forces TB to develop some new chemistry with new guys. That, mixed in with the TE's health will obviously be key. Just imagine Gronk, Hern healthy with Dobson, Boyce, and Jones being weapons. I'm also not worried about DA as I think he's really going to surprise people here. Guy I'm most interested to see is Dobson.
  17. p8ryts

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    I thought Wendell was very good, consistent.
  18. State

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    If we moved Connelly back to center, wouldn't he displace Wendell, who is a very capable backup? Isn't that the plan, to have Cannon swing down to guard to create a bigger, more athletic guy like Connelly at center.

    Nothing against Wendell, one of my favorite players.

    And I expect Svitek to spell Vollmer a surprising amount, as the latter has the injury bug.
  19. Seels

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    Please justify this. Maybe one of the top 30. Definitely not one of the top 8. Arguably a top 5 LG / top 10 G, but that's about it.
  20. Armchair Quarterback

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    I thought Connolly played very well at Center in 2011, better than he played at Guard in 2012. I also think Wendell was equally as good at Center this past year. I'd be ok with either one as the starter. Cannon has to take the RG position first.

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