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    This has been one of the sore spots for the Bruins. They traded away a TON to get Tomas Kaberle for the Stanley Cup run and he really didn't do much. Then they tried Joe Corvo as a free agent and he didn't amount to much. This forced them to add Greg Zanon and Mike Mottau at the trade deadline. Again, these didn't amount to much of anything.

    I know the Bruins have Dougie Hamilton who they have high hopes for, but you can't expect the kid to be the next Ray Bourque in his rookie year.

    Torey Krug is really small, but he has some offensive skills.

    Matt Bartkowski has good skating skills, but is mediocre all around.

    The guys on the market all have blemishes, but some are still young enough that those blemishes can be improved upon.

    Matt Gilroy - Former Hobey Baker winner with good offensive talent. Sound in his own zone. Has good size.

    Keith Seabrook - Former 2nd round pick. Has tons of talent. Hasn't been able to put it together.

    Cam Barker - Former 1st round pick. Has tons of talent but is inconsistent.

    Brendan Bell - Also has tons of offensive talent. Depth player.

    Steve Eminger - Former 1st round pick with good size and good two way skills, but is inconsistent.

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