Offense - Injuries Have Little Effect

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    Koppen is on IR. Vollmer, Woodhead, Edelman and (Faulk) are all out and may return soon.

    None of this has affected team much, We acquired Waters. Connolly, Solder and Ridley all stepped up. Ochocinco even was inportant when Henernadez was out.

    In the end, IMHO, the assessment is 100% positive. Sure, I'd like to see something from Price and Vareen. But I am also fine with the fact that there are players ahead of them who are keeping them on the bench.

    I would prefer carrying an additional OL, for the normal total of nine. We are short an OT. However, I understand the need to steal from the offense because of the large number of
    injuries on defense.

    Belichick has decided to use positions for additional special teamers Tarp and Ventrone so that the position players can play less special teams.
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