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    We need(ed) linebacker help but we just agreed to a preliminary deal w/ Adalius Thomas who should help us out a ton. As long as Seau and Bruschi both come back we should be all-set there except maybe we'll use a low round pick on a lb or sign a cheap special teams lb. Overall no more major moves here.

    In the secondary we are above average when healthy but we haven't been fully healthy for a while. The market is really thin at corner especially with Clements gone, but the sayfety market is a little better. I could see us using a first round pick in the secondary if Laron Landry, Reggie Nelson, or Michael Griffin are available at one of our picks.

    Additionaly we still need wr help and Joe Horn and Eric Moulds were cut, I think either could be a real help here, especially since I think Brady would much rather have a veteran #1 guy instead of having to play with an inconsistent rookie. Only problem with them is I don't know if they played for the Gators previously. Seriously though Horn / Moulds, Watson, Gaffney, and Caldwell would be a pretty good recieving corps especially with Faulk and Maroney out of the backfield, whatever Jackson brings is just a bonus. Brown might retire, he might not. If he doesn't I can't see him not playing with us, if he does then we could sign a cheaper FA or rely on a Bam Childress.

    Finally we could use a power runner for short yardage nwo that Dillion is gone. Stephen Davis or Jamal Lewis could be options, or we could us a mid - low round pick to bring in a masher.

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