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  1. holyredeemer

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    I know alot of people aren't going to believe this, but I thought I would just post it anyways. When Ryan was drafted by the Pats, I was caught by total surprise because I hadn't even known he was up for the draft. Ryan played football for Enterprise H.S. in Redding California. I played safety/lb for Central Valley Highschool, which is a small town outside of Redding. My H.S. team and I played Enterprise once a year, and I had alot of friends on that football squad.
    They were an unbelievable H.S. football team for our area. Always playing smashmouth and destroying everyone they faced up against. I remember Ryan in particular. He was fast, huge, and incredibly strong. Alot of players on that team had a mouth on them, but he was quiet and just killed ya. I don't know how the guy is doing lately, but I just find the whole idea of a local player, whom I played against, is now in the NFL and on my favorite team to boot.
    Don't know if he'll ever read this, but I just want to wish him the best of luck on his new career. Our town of Redding is a **** town, and it's always awesome to hear of young people finding a way out of it.
    So, here's a cheers for Ryan and his family.:eat3:
  2. Remix 6

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    i think hes a steal for us. he fell a lot .. was a 2nd rounder but i guess injuries got to him.
  3. flutie2phelan

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    Glad u put that up, holy.

    Twice last summer it was my privilege to spend a few days each time in the majestic Shasta - Lassen area,
    centered on Redding as you know (but others may not.)

    This will add quite a tickle as i, also, follow Ryan's career with interest ... much like the fillip i feel following our duo from Porterville (Sanders and Mankins).
  4. maverick4

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    His new nickname is officially "Billy Bob"

  5. bishbash

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    Viewing his highlight reel, he looks like a mountain that can MOVE (when he wants to)!
  6. Gon_Trevil

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    For some reason, I think I believe you.
  7. holyredeemer

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    Yeah, Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen are some of the most beautiful sites around. The snow lifts on Shasta are a blast, and boarding on that lake during the summer is great fun too. May I ask what you were doing there for those few days? Vacation??
  8. Holy Diver

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    JJ Arrington, and Marshawn Lynch almost always had their big runs busting up through his lanes. From all the Cal fans here in teh bay, they agree that this guy was a steal.
  9. Ochmed Jones

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    Three shoulder surgeries, multiple concussions, something wrong with the wrist. He had a rough college career, that's for sure.
  10. bucky

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    And amazingly he only missed 1 game in 4 years! The 2 concussions are defintely a concern though.
  11. ilduce06410

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    the more concussions you have...

    the higher your risk of having subsequent concussions.
    PAC-10 has been a tough conference for decades, with hard hitting and speed-burners to boot.
    the shoulder surgeries explain why he has an upside on upper-body strength.
    but the concussions are a point of concern. nfl is 'not for long' for a reason. he could be retiring at age 26.

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