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    THe AFC looks to be getting more competitive in 2007 and beyond.

    The AFCS seesm to have found its legs, not in 2006, of course but in 2007 and beyond. David Carr has establsihed himself in Houston. Ditto Vince Young in Titan land, and the Leftwich/Garrard duo both seem competent in Jax.

    In the AFCW Herm has reinvigorated a fading KC, The Bronc's are about to go into a QB contrioversy between Jake and Jay,bringing them back to the pack. Even the Raiders appear to be first in the running for the Brady Quinn consolation prize. That puts good QBs in charge, the key to winning, at all four teams there too.

    In the AFCN, the Ravens have found a QB for a couple of years. Charlie Fry looks like an answer for RAC, in Cleveland; and the Pitt QB, Rothelisberger, will bounce back. No QB problems there either in 2007. Carson is a rising star in Cincy.

    Finally, the AFCE, our domininon for half a decade. Saban will be in his third year in Miami with two QBs, one of which should be healthy and competitive. Plus he'll actually have a draft to rely on. JP Losman is displaying occasional glimpses of maturity in his third, (actually second), year of play. In the Jersey swamps, EM has installed a Bellichick protectorate and done quiite a bit to stabilize that usually hopeless outfit. rag arm Opie is back, and Clemens reamins in th ewings to develop at a leisurely pace.

    All in all, AFC dominance seems assured for a whiile, with all the young Qbs. But it will get increasiungly difficult to generate 13-14-15 victory seasons, since everyone is getting capable of putting up a fight in 2007 and beyond.

    we can almost predict that a good but not great club will rise in the minor league, dominate with a great record, against nobodies, and advance to the big game full of media hype, and then ... get slaughtered.

    In 2006 the Bears?

    In 2007, the Boys ??

    In 2008, the Gints???

    Even the Colts won't have a free ride much longer! Neither will we, though!!
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