Obama's Spending Is Reckless and Unprecedented

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by State, Jun 1, 2009.

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    University of Tennessee law prof Glenn Harlan Reynolds in his popular blog Instapundit has the evidence:


    The graphic is certainly unsettling. It's one thing to criticize Bush on his trillion dollar Iraq Attack, but this is on a wholly new level.
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    Was that article that short or was it deleted somehow? Both the article and you bring up George Bush and the Iraq War versus Obama and the economy as it relates to spending.
    George Bush began a war, unprovoked, to bring democracy to the Middle East at a cost of trillions.
    Obama inherits a recession from the previous administration which is rated second only to the Great Depression. He approves a stimulus package that will cost us trillions. Oh yea, and nobody dies. Somehow, both you and the author had the insight to bring both George Bush and the Iraq War into the discussion. You want to give it another try?
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    I think the chart spoke about one trillion words.
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    When asked about Prince Ears destroying America the Liberal Pansy Phil Donahue Said "he has such a lovely smile"


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