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Obama The Fraud

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by ljuneau, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. ljuneau

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    Sep 1, 2007
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    He claims to a supporter of the little guy, but he won his prior elections by getting big shot lawyers to get his opponents thrown out.

    He claims to be concerned with the plight of poor and disadvantaged people but he helped his criminal buddy Antoin Rezko to act as a slumlord to the poor african americans in his own district.

    He claims to be a great story of the American dream and of American ideals, but he got his prominence in Illinois politics by stealing credit for his state senate colleagues work, including his fellow african american state senators.

    He claims to be a strong supporter of the right to vote but he got to this position of being close to the nomination by insuring two entire states would not be able to hold fair elections to redo the ones that were canceled out.

    He claims to be a great orator, but this is only if he is reading from a prepared script. Without it, he is embarrassingly less than ordinary.

    He claims to be a great proponent of openness and accountability to the American people but he refuses to engage in town hall type debates where he would be required to answer questions directly from the American people.

    He claims to be a great proponent of ethics in government, but an abundance of evidence suggests he was aware of if not actively took part in the political corruption of Antoin Rezko.

    He claims he wants to work for unity among the races, but his closest friends only speak of hostility against those who happen to be white.

    He claims to be a "new" kind of candidate, but he switches his positions so often and panders to so many different groups that he has proven himself to be the same old dishonest type of politician.

    He claims to want keep the big money interests from casting undue influence on political candidates, but he is now soliciting up to $1,000,000 donations from labor unions and others in the form of 'soft money'.
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    #24 Jersey

    If he wins ... here's what we get.I wonder
    where the Jerimiah & Rev. Al pictures are?

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