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obama hits new low with Rasmussen

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by BelichickFan, Feb 26, 2010.

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    #24 Jersey

    Yes, I know - you guys on the Left don't like Rasmussen even though his Presidential polls were just fine and in line with others and the final result.

    But his daily polls are the only ones to show daily trends, even if you want to add a few point to his approval, the trends are still there. And, oh boy, is there a trend :

    Obama Approval Index History - Rasmussen Reports

    Today he hit an all time low of -20 in strongly approve minus strongly disapprove and only 44% overall approval.

    I actually hate posting threads like this because, invariably, he'll hit a stronger moment and someone will bump it making me look stupid. This is just a place in time.

    On inauguration day he was +28 in the "strongly" poll and +35 in the standard approval. After the State of the Union he inched back to positive territory in the standard poll and just negative single digits in the "strongly poll". But he has now hit his presidential low in the "strongly" poll and is at back to about his low point in the standard approval poll.

    The prez, as recently as yesterday, made another comment about winning elections meaning something - and he's right - but he will see a doozy in November. That will wipe the smile of his smug face.

    And, yes, I know his negatives will ease up a little in the coming days, that's how polls work. But the trend here is very nice to look at.
  2. JackBauer

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    Why don't you go back in time and see how Ronaldus Magnus was polling at this point during his first term?

    If there is a trend, as you claim, why is it not being reflected in the other tracking polls?
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  3. Patters

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    I respect Rasmussen. He certainly did a good job with Scott Brown. That said, however, his approve-disapprove index is not that meaningful. Clearly, Republicans express their disapproval as a block, while Democrats are more split. I would not say I strongly approve of Obama, but I would say that I approve of him overall. Thus, the -20 includes a lot of people who are more liberal than Obama, but who will almost certainly vote for him the next time around. To me the 55% disapprove, 44% approve is more meaningful, but Rasmussen certainly appears to be somewhat outlier:

    Pollster.com: National Job Approval: Pres. Barack Obama

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