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  1. PushnPencils

    PushnPencils Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    The performance of these guys the rest of the way means a lot.

    Happy as hell Jax was able to pull a win out against them last week.

    With games at Denver, Indy and KC in KC.....I'm hoping 6-10 will happen for them. Hoping for a top 10 pick next year.
  2. PushnPencils

    PushnPencils Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    BTW....Hoping for Peterson CB, Dareus DL or Ayers OLB in that spot. I know its early but what the heck.
  3. JerseyDevil26

    JerseyDevil26 Practice Squad Player

    I think Oakland will pound Denver again but finish 7-9. With the large amount of teams that could finish with similar records obviously it would be ideal for Oakland to lose out. I think we should just be happy with the potential of a top 15 pick. BB can definitely do some damage with that.
  4. BlueThunder

    BlueThunder PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #91 Jersey

    BB has enough ammo in first 3 rounds to get just about whoever he wants.....

    3 aces would set this team up for quite a while with the youth they already have.....

    Maybe find a diamond in the rough in later rounds.....add the rest in FA....

    OLB,OL,CB,RB would be a nice day one haul......
  5. patchick

    patchick Moderatrix Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

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  6. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

    If Jacksonville beats Indy Sunday, I wonder what the Colts mindset will be the following week? Will they bear down in a last ditch effort to make the playoffs, or will they throw in the towel for those last two games? Jacksonville clinches the AFCS with a win against the Colts, and at that point the best Indy could do is go 9-7; that's probably not enough to get into the playoffs unless one or two other teams collapse down the stretch.

    Oakland crushed Denver the first time around. The Broncos could be really fired up for this game, looking for a little revenge by knocking the Raiders out of the playoffs.
  7. scout

    scout Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    Speaking of three Aces. Don Banks did a draft redo last week. He had three Patriots in the first round. Pretty cool.
  8. 40yrpatsfan

    40yrpatsfan PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Raiders are most likely to finish at 7-9, with a likely win vs Denver and likely losses vs. Indy and @KC. Slight chance of 8-8, but I can't see them winning or losing out.

    At 7-9, their highest finish is likely #15. There are 5 other non-playoff teams above them that will likely stay above them: Indy (or Jac), Tampa, Miami, SD (or KC), and GB. Even if the Raiders finish strong at 8-8, those 5 teams are still likely to finish above them.

    Also, there will likely be at least 2 other 7-9 teams. I looked at the remaining games for all the teams with records close to Oakland's. Can't tell at this point how the tiebreakers would fall.

    All in all, we have about a 90% chance of picking between 13 and 15, so if you had to guess a specific number, it would be #14 imo.
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  9. NewFeep

    NewFeep On the Game Day Roster

  10. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    The Broncos are toast at this point, starting Tebow though so there could be a miracle. Of course the Raiders are having some internal conflict between the HC and the OC so it may not take one, either. Watching a game like that should be mandatory for Patsfans to establish perspective on how incredibly blessed we have been for going on a decade now...
  11. WhiZa

    WhiZa Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Knowing the Colts like we do they will probably pack it up to rest their players
  12. Gwedd

    Gwedd PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Word, my friend. Word.
  13. Frezo

    Frezo In the Starting Line-Up

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    LOL! for next year
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