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    Good morning fellow pas fans.

    The time if year has came where we in Britain are finishing up our season there are two finial being played today the national leauge final and the premiership final.

    The national leauge is the lower leauge the game kicks off at 12:15 BST (07:15 EST)
    It features Gateshead Senators from the north in their 25th anniversary year vs the Colchester Gladiators who have an unbeaten record. The Gladiators have put up over 500 points on opponents and are high power fast paced team. Gateshead are a team that relys on a strong D and aim to turn the ball over often having 6 picks in 1 game.

    The premier final is the top two teams in the country kicks off at 17:15 BST
    (12:15 EST) it features bitter London rivals the blitz and the warriors. The blitz and warrior have ment in the last 3 finals with the blitz winning all 3 however the warriors won the in season class comfortably this should be a thriller as the team truly hate on another.

    Both games will be streamed live via the Internet if you have some time give them a watch.
    Gridiron TV - American Football in the UK

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