NY Times columnist about being a frustrated Jets fan

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    Bob Herbert usually writes about social and economic issues in NYC but this is a poignant complaint about how bad the Jets have been over the years from Friday's NY Times.

    Op-Ed Columnist - The Miracle That Never Happens - NYTimes.com

    Opening quote:

    "Here we go again, said the Jets fan. That would be me.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid drug addiction and alcoholism, and I gave up smoking cigarettes a very long time ago. But I am a Jets fan. And being a New York Jets football fan is an illness. So keep that in mind, and please be kind as you read this.

    There was a single moment of glory on Jan. 12, 1969, when the great Joe Namath, with his white shoes and long hair and a right arm that could write poetry with a football, led the Jets to the greatest upset in pro football history: defeating the mighty Colts of Baltimore in the Super Bowl, 16-7.

    Google it. You’ll see.

    I was young and thought that was the start of something big. Once you take that first hit of a powerful drug, you think that exalted, blissful feeling can be repeated. You can spend the rest of your life trying to experience it again."

    My husband is a Jets fan (I say we have a "mixed marriage"!) and he really identified with the sentiments in the piece. Judy
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