NY Daily News: 2007 Super Bowl - Pats 30, 'Boys 20

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    New York Daily News

    Next year, it's Pats & 'Boys
    Monday, February 6th, 2006 DETROIT -

    The NFL becomes a 32-team league again this morning. T.O.'s ego and Brett Favre's future and Chad Pennington's shoulder and the most star-driven draft in two decades with headliners Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Vince Young shove Joey Porter's mouth all the way back to Pittsburgh.

    The maneuvering for the Super Bowl in Miami next Feb. 4 begins right now, and the Daily News takes its annual day-after-the-Super Bowl journey into the future.

    So, here are a few predictions on the way to South Beach: It will be the Patriots vs. the Cowboys in Super Bowl XLI, Bill Belichick versus Bill Parcells, Tom Brady versus Drew Bledsoe.

    Parcells and Belichick matching up in the Super Bowl would give the definitive answer to the ultimate question: Who is the better coach? Parcells made it to three Super Bowls, winning two, all with Belichick on his staff, but has never made it without him. Belichick is 3-0 in Super Bowls without Parcells. It would be a dream matchup. They're even talking to each other again after the nasty divorce with the Jets.

    I've picked the Colts in the AFC the last two years. That window has closed. The Chargers and Bengals would have been serious considerations, but Drew Brees is coming off a torn labrum in the final game of the season and Carson Palmer tore up his knee in the playoffs. Edgerrin James doesn't think the Colts want him back. He would be the perfect signing for the Patriots.

    Parcells developed a pattern in his first two jobs. He won the Super Bowl in his fourth year with the Giants and again four years later. In his fourth year with the Patriots, he went to the Super Bowl. Sadly for the Jets, he quit before his fourth year with them. But now he's entering Year 4 in Dallas and the 'Boys are ready for a serious Super Bowl run. If Parcells can prevent Drew Bledsoe, entering his 14th year, from making rookie mistakes, he will be the first coach to take three teams to the Super Bowl.

    The Eagles are not bouncing back so fast, especially with Donovan McNabb still so consumed by all the T.O. issues. Joe Gibbs has put together the most expensive staff in NFL history, but should have spent the money on a quarterback. The Bears don't score enough, the Bucs and Panthers are incomplete teams and the Seahawks may even have to face a division winner in the playoffs next year.

    Final Score: Pats 30, 'Boys 20

  2. mikey

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    Why do NY sports writers have more confident in the Patriots than hometown Boston scribes like Cefardo, Borges, and company?

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  3. oldrover

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    Because they were never palsy-walsy with Drew Bledsoe and then had their insider privileges revoked. :D
  4. primetime

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    Of course he would. Only problem is we have a running back worth alot against the cap already and we still have to resign our players, sign free agents, and sign draft picks. Something tells me Edge has a future that's not in New England (or Indy, for that matter). Something in me doubts the Cowboys go to a Super Bowl next year though.

    Drew Bledsoe? Please.
  5. texpat

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    In the weak NFC, why not?

    I think it comes down to WASH or DAL next year. Dallas needs some help on the OL to make it happen though.
  6. PATSNUTme

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    MSNBC picks the Patriots to win the 2007 SB.

    As much as I like seeing that,I ask myself this question.

    WTF are these guys writing that **** now for?

    No FA signing, no draft choices made, no retirements announced, and they think they can pick a SB winner now?:eek:
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  7. patsfaninpa

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    If it's New England and Dallas in XLI. Who we gonna beat for
    our 5th in 08?
  8. LloydBraun

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    next year

    The writers obviously watched the game, the Pats would have easily beaten these 2 scrub teams. We should have 3 in a row if not for the misfortune. Bad luck is bad luck, cannot control it.
  9. DCPatriot

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    The SB Needs the Pats

    The Daily News is simply saying, "the Super Bowl needs the Patriots"! Living outside NE, I can't count how many times I have heard people moan and whine about the Pats always winning, how boring they are, wouldn't it be nice to see someone new, and all that cr@p. This, even though the Pats' superbowls have been great games and fun for everyone to watch (except the losing team fans). After watching yesterday's lousy, poorly played game, I guess the whiners got what they wished for.
  10. aabtec

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    Grudging acceptance of the work that both men did.

    Plus, they don't have their panties in a twist over Bledsoe and BP leaving the Pats.
  11. Garbanza

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    ....what are the chances of Bledsoe leading his team to an SB? IMO, no chance.
  12. texpat

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    Yeah, it's not like he's done it before.

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