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    The current European/American Social Welfare State is dying, the numbers tell us that and we have to change what we do the Status Quo is inadequate.

    A few articles this weekend provided information documenting why this is so for the US.

    First the amount of money were are track to be paying just to service the debt:

    Mad Debt - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

    Problem is that isn't the really bad news. The bad news is the % of GDP that the current entitlement system will cost (not including welfare and food stamps).


    Remember We have a already passed out debt being >100% of GDP.

    From across the pond, the Europeans are in even worse condition, however like the President and defenders of the status quo in America they are denial about the problem.

    If we are to survive the looming catastrophe, we need to face the truth - Telegraph

    The people who cling to the status quo and outmoded class warfare rhetoric while ignoring the numbers we are facing economically are being totally irresponsible.

    The Tea Party supporters are the only ones who understand the problem and proposing solutions instead of hoping the numbers crushing us magically go away.

    This is why the Tea Party is relentlessly attacked (and pols assocaited with it like Palin). They understand the Tea Party are the only politicans who are willing to change the status quo.

    Funny how the people who view themselves as progressive are the reactionaries now.
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    Entitlements ARE over. That's what happens first when world growth ends.

    But, regardless of what RW drones insist, it's not because of the entitlements themselves.

    401Ks and other pension plans will be looted next, as we MUST keep feeding the dying beast at all costs. But then, short sighted conservatives will manage to blame "leftists" for that as well.
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