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Now the long wait to see how good the draftees are

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by FredFromDartmouth, Apr 24, 2010.

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    There is going to be a lot of compost in the media about who had a great draft and who did not. The media is at its worse right now. They pick out the splashy players and figure the team that got them did the best. "The Chicago Bears hit a home run with hometown favorite David Terrell..." I remember the complaints by the Callahan types about how the Patriots drafted a bulldog DT who only had 2 sacks his senior. They mocked BB because BB called Seymour versatile. Sounds like Callahan / Felger whines about McCourty; the Patriots have all these needs and draft a special teamer.

    BB and his staff will know who has the right stuff and who does not on the first day of training camp if not sooner (mini-camps and workouts). Unfortunately we will not find out because of the multi-douche setup in the press corp who will waist our time obsessing on contracts and searching out anything bad they can find about players. Anything to avoid actually watching the practices...Blathering on about contracts and caps and strikes is much easier than actually doing any work and looking at tape.

    It will take 3 months or so to get a read. Come the preseason we will have to watch the action ourselves very carefully to see how good they are. If is not like Felger or Borges or Callahan is going to observe anything on the field. They will be busy doing the usual baseball jock sniffing and complaining.
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