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    .... Sometimes I think it should be MANDATORY that people visit Miguel's cap page at least on a monthly basis....and there should be a test! ;). A converstation I was having over at kffl made be go back there a second time and I found that for all all the hype over "WILD SPENDING" by the Pats, Bob Kraft will only be writing checks for about $7.MM in signing bonuses to all six new FAs COMBINED. Now that is a lot of money, but not much in this day of FA

    Thomas -$2.4MM
    Welker - $1.1MM
    KBrady - $1.0MM
    Stallworth $1.7MM
    Morris - $.35MM
    Washinton $.5MM This one is an educated guess, since Miguel hasn't posted it. yet

    Here are some other little factoids to use when confronting a hater.
    The total cap consequence of the six new FAs (include 2 guys who most concider elite FAs) is ONLY 11% on the 2007 cap. This is coincidently the SAME 11% that these 6 guys take on the 53 man roster. THAT IS GOOD CAP MANAGEMENT

    Now it is reasonable to question whether the players they signed where the RIGHT players. You can question whether 2 draft picks was too much for Wes Welker. What you CANNOT do is question the fiscal prudence of the Pats FO. They might be active like the Redskins, but the CERTAINLY aren't being IMPRUDENT with their money or their future. The facts simply don't make the case.
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    That's not correct. I'm afraid that you would have flunked the mandatory test on Miguel's cap page!

    The numbers you cite are the first year pro-ration of signing bonuses, not the actual cash outlay.

    For example, Bob Kraft is writing Adalius Thomas a $12 million signing bonus check. $12 million divided by the 5 years of the contract is a $2.4 million pro rated cap hit from the signing bonus in each year. Thus, Miguel lists $2.4 million as the signing bonus cap hit for this year.
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    Man, the Pats are cheap.
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    :rofl: Good one!
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    You are absolutely correct HWC, I just caught it, myself and was about to send a Mea Culpa post. ;) I mistakenly took the 2007 cap consequence for 2007 for the ACTUAL money the player would receive. I should have caught it in the beginning that $7MM total number seemed to be too good to be true when I wrote. I guess I should have remembered the old adage, "if it seems too good to be probably is" :D

    However the gist of what I was saying really IS true. The Pats ARE NOT spending like drunken sailors (or the Redskins) in order to by a championship.

    Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Maxima MEA CULPA
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    No, wait, on second thought, the Pats are turning into the Yankees.
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    I've been spending some time on Fin Heaven (God knows why) and it seems like in order to make themselves feel better they are saying that we are spending so much money on WR's that we are screwing up our cap situation. I want to tell them that Chris Chambers cap hit this year is almost as much as the ENTIRE Patriots receiving corps, but it won't let me register.
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    It has an IQ filter, and yours is too high. Do some whippits and then try again.
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    The problem has come when I am supposed to receive an e-mail in order to activate my account, but they have never arrived.

    When you register you actually have to answer a Dolphins trivia question which is who their all time winningest coach is and I assumed it was Shula but maybe I'm wrong.
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    Given that he spent nearly his entire coaching career there, and is the all time winningest coach in NFL history, your guess is probably accurate.

    They just know who you are.

    Or did you try to register as "miamisucks" or similar?
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    LOL no every name I have tried to register under has been impartial and unfootball related.

    Maybe the spam blocker on my e-mail is too good so it's blocking the activation e-mail.

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