Now that the kinks are out air assult should be pretty solid

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by TheGodInAGreyHoodie, May 24, 2008.

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  1. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    We are all disappointed, that the Patriots failed to achieve the season goal of winning the super bowl. But given the sorry state of our WR corp last year it really was an unrealistic goal.

    It is well known that it takes a year or two for a WR and a QB to get in a groove and that no WR QB combo accomplishes much the first year they team up, they always have much better seasons the second and third year they play together.

    This past year both of Tom Brady's primary and second WR were brand new to the Patriots. One was a malcontent that had been deemed a cancer on his prior team. The other an undrafted player that after three years with the talentless Dolphins couldn't earn a starting role.

    This year Brady will have two wide receivers that he has had a year to practice with.

    If history has proven anything it is that this year passing game should show a significant improvement over last years.
  2. Kdo5

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    Re: Now that the kinks are out air assult should be pretty solid.

    I am assuming this is some kind of joke but if its not "unrealistic"? It was unrealistic to win with the best passing attack in NFL history?
  3. Crazyeechrispats1

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    Re: Now that the kinks are out air assult should be pretty solid.

    I'm not so sure on the flip side people are gonna know what Wes Welker is capable of and not be surprised by him.
    Granted i believe he can and will still make plays for us.
    Also what's the chance of Randy having a year like he did last year that was just magical.
    Without Dante Stallworth we lose a playmaker no matter how much he was underused or couldn't run crisp routes when he had the ball in his hands he was electric.
    Now we need to hope between Jackson and Washington the void can be filled for the plays he made and was accounted for.
    Teams need to respect one more deep threat or it will be that much easier to cut off the passing game.
    The X factor in the passing game are the tightends is Big Ben can do what he should and is able to, and we get a good christian Fauria lookalike with Thomas.
    We could see another a ton of touchdowns for Brady.

    I happen to think the Running game will be much more of a emphasis and take pressure off Brady cause right from week 1 teams will attempt to blitzkrieg Brady and see if he can make plays.
    The running game is essential this year.
  4. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    Re: Now that the kinks are out air assult should be pretty solid.

    Yes, it was written pen-in-cheek.

    My point being is every QB-WR combo does significantly better the second year they play together than the first year they play together. Now extrapolate that kind of improvement on top of last years passing game.
  5. bradmahn

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    Re: Now that the kinks are out air assult should be pretty solid.

    I think the offense could have a much more dynamic season this year. I hope to see Maroney utilized more in the passing game as the establishment of him as a receiver and blocker will have the benefit of opening up the running game to a degree. Morris provides another back who can run and catch the rock, a backup that Faulk simply isn't. The TEs were also pretty beat up by the end of the season and even then, Watson was the only legitimate receiving threat. A healthy Dave Thomas (and we don't know just how healthy he is right now) allows for more two TE sets with two capable receivers and blockers.

    I also have a lot of faith in Chad Jackson, who I think will benefit greatly from a full-time offseason conditioning program and training camp. I think he will eventually beat out Gaffney, but even if he is fourth on the depth chart he should see a good deal of playing time. He doesn't have to replace Stallworth's production as I think (and this is what I believe is Belichick's ultimate goal) this offense can be the most versatile in the league and we will probably see more running plays and more passes attempted to outlet receivers (TEs and RBs) but fewer pass attempts in general.

    Although the defense could have a huge effect on just how the offense plays. If we see a hounding defense that limits opponent possessions, or gets a lot of turnovers, we could see the same type of production out of the passing game and an even better offensive output (600 points anyone?). That's a best case scenario, though.

    It's fun to look at the types of offensive players Belichick has targeted (multiple versatile TEs; RBs that can catch the ball; the greatest deep threat in the game; a dynamic slot receiver; and Chad Jackson, who, coming out of college, was viewed as a player who could play on the outside or in the slot, had great hands, good YAC ability and ran polished routes). I think he's seen the advantages and disadvantages of so many great offenses over the years (as evidenced by his talks with Mike Martz and Urban Meyer, among others) and desires to create an offense that is, at any point in the season, capable of running almost any offensive game plan. And they can actually do it! (Just think about why that is).
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