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Now that the draft is over, time to look to free agency which will hopefully happen

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Rob0729, May 1, 2011.

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    Ok, now that we have done the draft, we are in an unusual position of knowing what areas need to be filled when free agency starts post-draft. We don't know when it will start or what the rules will be, but based on what happened this weekend here are the players that the Pats should potentially target when it happens:

    - Mathias Kiwanuka - The Giants want him back, but obviously not too badly since they only gave him a second round tender. He is a fifth year player so if pre-2010 free agency rules to RFA return, he will be an UFA. Even if he is restricted, he is worth a look since I would give up a second for Kiwanuka over a third and fifth for Derrick Burgess even without the benefit of hindsight of how that trade worked out. Kiwanuka is a very good pass rushing two gapper. He could easily slide into the OLB role on the Patriots and be effective immediately. His issue is his durability, but when he can stay on the field he is a stud.
    - Malcom Floyd - He has a first and third round tender so if 2010 rules apply, he is off the table. He is a big down the field threat the Pats needed vs. the Jets in the playoffs.
    - James Jones - Arguably the most versatile free agent WR.
    - Santonio Holmes - Another first and third round tender if the 2010 rules apply. Is a big play receiver who can stretch the field. Was inconsistent last year, but could be Sanchez. Has character issues and wants to be paid big, but stealing him would help the Pats and hurt the Jets.
    - Cullen Jenkins - Guy is a beast at pass rushing, but is older, has some injury issues in the past, and will want to be paid. The Pats may be willing to take a risk on a shorter term deal (3 years).
    - Shaun Ellis - Getting up there in age. Not likely to return to the Jets now that the Jets drafted Wilkerson. Had a bit of a down year last year, but so did the Jets' defense. Might be a relatively low cost acquistion as a situational pass rusher.
    - Ray Edwards - The guy is a very good pass rusher. The question is can he make the transition from 4-3 DE to to 3-4 OLB. I could be an expensive gamble (granted not as expensive as the proposed gamble on Julius Peppers last year or what Edwards was asking for last year). He looks to have the tools to do it, but I am no expert on this.
    - Mrcus Spears - Never lived up to his draft position, but looked promising in Parcells' two gap 3-4 and regressed a bit in Phillips' one gap version. He is still a good player who could play out of his expectations back in the two gap. Eventhough he is coming off of injury, he is still in his prime and productive.
    - Matt Roth - Had a down year last year (as did most on the Bengals' defense), but was a very good situational pass rusher in Miami/Cleveland the year before. The Browns likely will let him go now that they are switching back to the 4-3. Could be a very good situational pass rusher here for a low cost.
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