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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by The Dog, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. The Dog

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    got screwed by the hof, I was wondering who else on your team present or past you feel should get at least hof consideration. As an avid pats hater I feel AT was one of the best lb's I ever saw. It is a shame that he didn't get in, but I think it is only a matter of time.
  2. Murphys95

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    I never expected Tippett to get in, the fact that he made it as far as he did was a feat in and of itself. Hall of Fames are always subjective, and any player we think capable of being inducted now, may fall off the radar by the time they are eligible.

    That being said, I believe there are only 3 individuals that have a reasonably good shot of being inducted in the future - Belichick, Brady, and Vinatieri.

    I think Dillon and Law should be considered, but see them more as long shots.

    ...but then again, who knows what motivates each HOF voter.
  3. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Brady is a first ballot hall of famer, Belichick as well, Vinitraitor unless he misses the game winning fg tonight.. Law and Seymoer maybee.... But that is about it.. Tippet and Gino should and will be in the hall
  4. The Dog

    The Dog Banned

    There is one ex patriot from another era that I always thought was a great player. Stanley Morgan. His ypc was unreal. He seemed as if he was always open. I feel players like him get overlooked because of lack of team success. Put him on the Steelers or Cowboys or some team like that and I guarantee he is in already. To me the hof is biased towards super bowl winning teams. I though a player like Lynn Swann was great, but look at his numbers. I know it was a different era, but anyway. He was huge on the biggest stage there is and he gets in and Stanley will never get a sniff.
  5. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Its time to get Morgan , in the Pats hall of fame, let alone the reg hof
  6. Krugman

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    I'm with you re Stanley Steamer....
  7. Fanfrom1960

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    FWIW, John Clayton said this morning on ESPN radio that Tippett, and Richard Dent and Derrick Thomas should be in the HOF and will get there when the current backlog is cleared.

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