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    Instead of creating a new thread every time I post a video I figured it'd be better if I just updated a single thread for each video. So if you like the videos I provide either keep your eyes peeled for this thread, bookmark it, or add my blog's RSS feed by using this link.

    Also, and of course this is not required but encouraged, I'd appreciate it if you enjoy any of the videos I post if you would leave a comment on my blog so I can see if my efforts are worth the time I put in. Also it'd help me to see which shows are most popular so I can focus on those ones.

    Already posted videos:
    The Score on the NFL: Patriots Edition - Week 13

    NFL Network's Playbook AFC: Patriots Edition - Week 13

    ESPN Sports Reporters: Patriots Edition - Week 13

    Only 1 segment, they talk about the possibility of a Pats-Cowboys Superbowl, they talk about the Cowboys more but still it mentioned the Pats so I added it.
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    Thanks for the videos,NSPF.
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