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Nothing Ticks me off more than.......

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by nepatz11, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Nothing ticks me off more than people the last few days who offer up consolation prizes of (1) The Celtics (2) Spring Trainign Starts and (3) The BEanpot. We just urinated away the perfect season and a place AT THE TOP of American sports lore a chance we will almost certainly never get again and somehow I am supposed to be consoled by The Red Sox beating dumb Northeastern or BC 82-1 in Exhibition action from East Oshkosh Florida or the stupid boring beanpot which no one has scared about since 1968. And yes the Celts are great and I root for them but I can not pretend that I give 1/50th a crap about them as compared to the Pats. This is just something we lost and we are never going to get back and it sucks. Even five world series and NBA championships wont make up for it in my eyes. But you know there is a good side in that I already feel intense passion for the 2008 season and I will NEVER EVER EVER be tempted to take any win for granted again.
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