not excited for this years SB

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Brady_to_Moss, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here Supporter

    #95 Jersey

    Not becasue the pats aren't in just has a different feel this week. haven't watched any sportscenter due to "ray lewis is god" ect ect. But this game just doesn't have that feel to it
  2. SeanBruschi54

    SeanBruschi54 In the Starting Line-Up

    #11 Jersey

    Im pretty pumped up for it.

    To each their own i guess
  3. RIpats88

    RIpats88 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Generally Im usually Rooting Against Saints/Colts I wanted manning to lose. and Steelers/Packers I wanted Roethlisberger to lose.

    this year honestly I really dont like either team.
  4. Sivy

    Sivy In the Starting Line-Up

    I hope ray Lewis falls flat on his face and Moss has 5 tds
  5. IllegalContact

    IllegalContact Pro Bowl Player

    going to a party......leaving when the game starts
  6. BradfordPatsFan

    BradfordPatsFan In the Starting Line-Up

    #11 Jersey

    Treating this like any other football game. Funny, since SB36, that is how I've treated all Super Bowls that the Patriots aren't in. I watch with interest but I'll put my son to bed at his normal time which will be around the end of the 1st quarter, no party because, you know, I like to watch the game, and whomever wins, wins.

    When the Patriots play in it, I am invested and live and die with each snap.
  7. the Patriot

    the Patriot On the Game Day Roster

    Putting my personal feeling about the teams playing aside, it really is a great match up.
  8. Mosi Moose

    Mosi Moose On the Game Day Roster

    It's just tough because we were close to playing in this game (but ultimately, it wasn't meant to be). I'll cheer for the Niners, but really could care less either way. More excited to just get this game over with so we can focus on building the 2013 team to make a run next season.
  9. cavtroop

    cavtroop In the Starting Line-Up

    #87 Jersey

    I'm hoping that attention whore Ray Lewis loses, and loses big. He shtick is so transparent. That SI cover this week was flat out embarrassing.
  10. Frezo

    Frezo In the Starting Line-Up

    #50 Jersey

    Yes it is and I really am looking forward to this game. The Ravens have a smart defense. I think it will stop the pistol formation. It could be at the expense of the 9ers running up the middle though. If they can do that with some success the DEs and OLBs will have to pinch a bit towards the middle which could open up some pistol plays. Lots of intrigue here. Let's go game time!
  11. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here Supporter

    #95 Jersey

    can you imagine if they win what he will do?

    Go to middle of field and just lay down and cry then will talk about god and about himself to the reporters for 10 min
  12. SwedishPat

    SwedishPat Banned

    I'm not that excited about the SB this year. But I hope that Ravens win. I would like to see Reed with a ring, and another ring for Lewis would be a great ending for him. But mostly Reed, that man really deserves a sb ring. Lewis really deserves a ring, and he has one, so without Reed I might have wanted 49ers to win so Moss could get one.
  13. cavtroop

    cavtroop In the Starting Line-Up

    #87 Jersey

    10 minutes? Oh god, it'll be INSUFFERABLE for years.

    he's already lining up a job on TV. I can only hope that he goes to ESPN, as I already refuse to watch that station, and adding Ray 'LOOK AT ME' Lewis to the lineup will make sure that I never, ever, do again.
  14. VrabelJr

    VrabelJr In the Starting Line-Up

    #50 Jersey

    I'm not excited either. I predict Ravens will blow 49ers out. I don't think the 49ers have the maturity required for this stage yet.
  15. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here Supporter

    #95 Jersey

    you think the ravens O does?
  16. Uncle Rico

    Uncle Rico Pro Bowl Player

    No Jersey Selected

    Is he going to do that silly dance thing? God I hope the league wouldn't let that happen; though if he does that would be a good time for him to fall.

    I'm really looking forward to the actual game. Obviously no love for the Ravens, but I guess the Niners don't bug me like they do a lot of other people here. I hear ya on the Kaepernick ****iness though; my dream scenario is still that he gets knocked out early and Smith leads them to the win.

    Also, FWI, saw a Twitter post that, based on jersey-wearing, Ravens fans seem to outnumber SF fans in NOLA by about 5:1.
  17. Jackson 2

    Jackson 2 Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    ...the league wouldn't let that happen...Are you kidding me?? The league is absolutely orgasmic for it.
  18. BennyBledsoe

    BennyBledsoe Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #11 Jersey

    Rooting for Ray Lewis is like rooting for OJ Simpson.
  19. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    I see it as saving lives.
    There will be many more suicid attempts listening to Flaccos drivel on being elite, and Lewis breaking in some god awful lion king song while crying.
    .. and Im about saving innocent american lives.

    Plus I dont want to see Disney Worlds crime rate go up 300% by Lewis and his possie being there…

    I have taked to my friends at NASA and they mostly concure though. That if the reality of the movie Armageddon happen today, we would probably scrap the mission in lieu of either team winning.

    go 9ers
  20. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here Supporter

    #95 Jersey

    over/under 2 murder investigations looking into lewis if they win
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