Nolan Nawrocki got 15 Exact Hits in his mock

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by BelichickFan, Apr 27, 2009.

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    Nah, I'll give him 13 out of 32.

    Moreno went to the Broncos, but with their second pick. Freeman went to the Bucs, but with the Jets pick. I had Freeman going at 17 (good for me), but figured that their was a better chance of Jets taking him with the Bucs or Vikings looking at the pick.

    Whatever though, I'm bitter that I only had 7 picks right.
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    Nawrocki usually has a good percentage - he's often up near the top in terms of his mock accuracy. It was clear to me during the first round that he was right on a lot of calls, including ones that I openly questioned, such as Jarron Gilbert in the 3rd round. I think Nawrocki is one of the smartest and best informed draftniks out there, whether I agree with him all the time or not.
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    did anyone get the Stafford pick wrong?
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    I must admit that that is VERY impressive.
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    I second that.
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    So, here's what the guy who hit on 15/32 1st round picks had to say about the Pats draft:

    New England Patriots — Not seeing any value in the first round, Bill Belichick traded down multiple times, slipping out of the first round entirely. Receiving two additional 2010 second-round picks, from the Titans and Jaguars, is a big plus and could bring two future starters. Belichick was very savvy moving up and down the draft board, which he does as well as anyone in the NFL, executing a league-high seven trades over the weekend. He had also picked up a second-round pick for QB Matt Cassel. S Patrick Chung, DT Ron Brace and CB Darius Butler all have starter potential, as does Hawaii LS Jake Ingram. OT Sebastian Vollmer and WR Brandon Tate were reaches with pressing injury concerns, but both fit the Patriots’ offense very well, and LB Tyrone McKenzie could become a solid pro. With one of the NFL’s deepest rosters, Round Five on likely will not provide any value. The acquisition of future picks and the ability to wheel and deal make this draft a win for Belichick, player personnel director Nick Caserio and senior football advisor Floyd Reese. The Patriots also added WR Greg Lewis before the draft and dealt starting CB Ellis Hobbs to the Eagles.
    Grade: Outstanding

    NFL Draft - NFL draft preview and analysis from Pro Football Weekly

    The other teams who Nawrocki gave outstanding grades to: Cleveland, Jacksonville and Kansas City in the AFC; and Chicago (including the Jay Cutler trade), Detroit, Green Bay, New Orleans and Philadelphia in the NFC.
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    The Bengals had a good draft as well IMO. Getting Luigs where they did is incredible.
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    The Bengals just sat there and let the draft come to them and from round oneo to four they sucked up all the players that fell through a crack. Smith, ReyMal, Johnson Luigis. Excellent job by Cincy. With Reymal and Luigis they got a lot tougher and nastier as a team.
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    Except for the reason as to why those players fell --- character and work ethic concerns for Smith and on the field discipline problems for Rey Mal. Those concerns might be a worthwhile risk at a veteran, disciplined team (see Pats, Steelers, Colts) but not for the Bungles.

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