No secondary or pass rush

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Patriots Fans' started by emtmark99, Sep 24, 2012.

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    The same old same old The patriots have no secondary or pass rush and how long has this been going on now? 5 years, they can't stop the pass in the final drive of any game meaning something. Please Belichick draft a solid bigtime corner in 2013 and get a decent tackle to protect Brady!!! yes the officiating stinks we all know that. it's the pass defense at the end of the game.
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    pats need a rusher opposite chandler jones.

    despite not recording a sack (well...he had half a sack that was recalled on a bull**** call)...he looked good. he always collapsed the pocket, despite being held on virtually every call. Ninkovich hasnt looked particularly great opposite him, and id rather ninko be more a part of the linebacking core where he can operate in more space than on the line. and this is just the 1st 3 games for jones.

    as far as the secondary goes...dennard is injured, and dowling...i dont know whats going on.

    McCourty is our number 1 corner...and hes not #1 caliber. I think he looks really good at times, and really bad at times, and if he was paired with someone stronger than arrington, and thus could be the #2, it would be alot better.
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    I didn't think someone could start a thread with one post :confused:

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