No Respect for Our Rookies

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by 14thDragon, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. 14thDragon

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    On kirwan has a story on rookies starting and has only 3 starters on last years play-off teams. 1 for the giants, 1 for the Bucs and 1 for the Seahawks. Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that list at least missing 2 of our guys.

    IIRC, Gostowski and O'Callahan are both starting for us on Sunday and both were drafted this year. Am I missing something here?
  2. Clonamery

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    No, Kirwan is....
  3. Kasmir

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    I wonder how many other errors he made with other teams...
  4. Patriots4Ever

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    Gost and O'Callahan are starting sunday.But last year.we Had Mankins,Ellis Hobbs and Kazcur, on the field.Since BB has been with us.We do seem to see more impact from our rookie players.Understood though that injuries were a factor.
  5. Brownfan80

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    O'Callaghan I could see getting lost in the shuffle. OL often do. But Gost? Come on! AV is the most hyped departure of our offseason!
  6. Joker

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  7. marty

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    I'd be surprised if Maroney is starting. IMO Dillon will get the nod in this first game.
  8. mavfan2390

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    Willie Andrews, Stephen Gostowski, Chad Jackson, Laurence Maroney, and Ryan O' Callaghan will all be starting at some point this season.
  9. RayClay

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    Which part of our team will be devastated so Andrews can start, defense or offense?
  10. lobster

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    In an Aug. 30 article Kirwan lists Gostkowski as a starter and the article even has a photo with the caption "Stephen Gostkowski impressed the Patriots coach staff enough to give him the starting kicking job":
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