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No problem with who they let go but…

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by shatch62, Sep 25, 2006.

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    No problem with who they let go but…

    I have no issue that the Pats have made some tough personnel decisions over the last few years and let some stars go. Most of the guys they let go were no longer playmakers. They were good/great players but the money it would have cost them was more than they were worth. The only “young†guys that they let go who had their best days ahead were Givens and Branch but they want too much. What does worry me is that there are no young “playmakers†on the team. Before people flip out and say that Watson is a physical freak and Maroney is going to be a stud they have yet to do it. When is the last time anyone on the Pats made a huge play?

    On offense the longest play through 3 games has been a 34 yard pass to Watson. The longest running play is a 27 yarder by Maroney. The offense has not even been the problem. The real issue is defense. I know that Belichick loves veteran guys and they have served him well but they need a guy they need a playmaker on D. They have guys that have shown some potential (Hobbs, Wilson etc) but overall they have not made many huge plays yet. The Pats have forced 1 turnover – the late INT by Bruschi last week – in 3 games. On top of that they are getting killed on 3rd down. They are tied for 28th in league letting up the 1st down on 46.7% of the time. That is brutal.

    The Pats have some great veterans on D. Seymour, Harrison, Bruschi and Vrabel are 4 that come to mind. Who are the young playmakers? I thought Eugene Wilson was going to be the “next Harrison†but he is way too inconsistent. James Sanders has looked awful. Hobbs has had moments at CB but still not a difference maker. Name a young LB that they are developing? There are none. The D line is young and talented but they need to develop someone in the LB and DB core. Who is a difference maker on the team? Seymour and that is it. Bruschi is a warrior but he is not the same player he was. Neither is Vrabel. Neither is Harrison. Where they all used to be great, now they are all simply very good – and there is no shame in that. What the Pats need is a younger guy to develop into the next great Pats defender. Who is going to stand up and be the guy? The Pats better find one soon or this could be a long season.

    I still think the Pats are going to win the AFC East but they will not win a championship unless they get a difference maker on the D.

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