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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats_AZ, Oct 16, 2006.

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    was on and in the live chat Ken said that he didn't think we were SB contenders. :( He says we will get to the playoffs because we are in a weak division, but no SB. Not that it matters, but i guss it boslters my position that the media just does not like the Pats too much. Are they seeing something we're not? or do we need to send out some Patriots red & blue shades to the media? :cool:

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    Isn't this the Scouts Inc guy who had a quarrel with Pioli or some other personal-level beef with the Pats?

    Doesn't make him wrong, and of course it doesn't really matter what any of these pundits say anyway, but for context....
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    At the present, we are not SB contenders. We are one of those teams that are contenders "IF". The passing game is still a big IF right now. But, at this time last year, the Steelers probably weren't considered SB contenders either.
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    As of today, I would agree with him. But the Pats under BB have normally vastly improved as the season progresses, so we'll see how we feel in about 10 weeks.
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    Out of idle curiosity, who is Ken Moll and why does he get to pontificate about football?
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    moll, n.
    2. Archaic. a prostitute.
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    if you don't consider the Pats superbowl contenders then you're busy focusing on their limitations and ignoring those for everyone else.

    Denver - a legit contender. Jake still scares me but Shanahan is intent on controlling him.
    Baltimore - an 8-8 team with an easy early schedule
    San Diego - Marty Schottenheimer. They lose games they shouldn't and that gets you knocked out of the playoffs. Rookie QB.
    Indy - run defense and past playoff history. soft?
    Jax - I think of them like San Diego. They lose winnable games. Their offense scares no one.
    Cinci - defensive issues translate into playoff failure
    Pitt - Can they beat a team other than Miami and KC?

    On that list of teams only one is clearly better than NE right now, and they're clearly better than every other AFC team. Indy gets credit for 5-0 but still has questions. All of the teams have to improve, and at least NE has a track record of improvement throughout the season.
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    Ranking The AFC Contenders

    1) San Diego - The Only team that seems to be balanced both on offence and Defense, both running and passing

    2) Denver - a legit contender. I have a feeling their Offense is waiting in the winds. This D allowed 1 TD in 5 games Defense is thge edge in championships.

    3) New England - Have better than average offenses and Defenses - Our schedule is so soft will we be battle harderned?

    4) Indy - No defense means it's Payton against the world

    5) Baltimore - gets a defensive edge - McNair helps them win games they would lose.

    6) Cinci - See Indy above but with less experience in losing

    7) Jax - Only 6 teams make the playoffs - may get lucky with wild card over AFC North 2nd place team

    8) Pitt - Only 6 teams make the playoffs - need to claw throug Balt / cincy

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