NIT finals tonight!

Discussion in 'UMass Sports Fan Forum' started by patfanmike, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. patfanmike

    patfanmike Rookie

    Looking forward to a great game tonight. If you can't go, the game will be on national television. Coach Ford has put together an exciting brand of basketball.
  2. patfanmike

    patfanmike Rookie

    The game is on ESPN at 7:00.
  3. Scooter_McGruder

    Scooter_McGruder On the Game Day Roster

    Disappointing game. I don't know how they manage to be two completely different teams in the first and second halves, but it's a bad habit.

    Oh well, it was a hell of a run. Those Syracuse and Florida games were amazing.

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