Nice to see some deep ball

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by frankiesfly, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. frankiesfly

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    After all the short passing plays the pats have been doing the last few weeks, it was nice to see some passess completed down the field. I was wondering when our wide outs where going to make some big plays, and was nice to see some of that. I noticed how long its been since we completed a deep ball when those plays happened. Even though the ball was slightly under thrown in both plays to Reche, it was still cool to see them be completed, and see Reche score.
  2. Kasmir

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    And he drew a long interference call as well, that's three down field plays.
  3. jczxohn1

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    Made me feel a lot better about Brady's shoulder.
  4. AzPatsFan

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    Just as important, the Pats are finallly running Dillon behind a lead blocking FB,most of the time.

    And it worked like a charm.

    Only 1, one, o-n-e, run for negative yardage where Dillon was caught in the backfield by a run blitzer. Every time it was tried Heath took them out, and Dillon went for positive yardage.

    This added tremendous consistency to the run game.

    Indy beware!:singing:
  5. oville41

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    After a season of anguish and questioning about the passing it Brady?, is it the WR's, they aren't running routes, something is wrong with
    Brady's accuracy, if we only had Branch and Givens, blah blah blah. I have to admit, that my concern about the deap threat passing game concerned me and our ability to get pass the Divisional game in the playoff. I was hoping that Tom and Company would come out throwing against the Titans and work out the kinks. It looked great. I feel better about Tom's shoulder, the WR's, and the passing game in general (yuppers, seems that we actually have one.) I'm surprsied after, the last 16 weeks of fan dismay, I haven't heard anybody talking about it on the post game show's.
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  6. Armen Da Pats Fan

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    I want to see Jackson streaking down the field a little, as well...

    They only seem to run two plays with him:

    1) That line of scrimmage screen, which is a play doomed to failure, and during which he typically ends up smothered by a corner or OLB or both...

    2) The reverse, which he seems to like, and which he executes well...

    I think he had a decent gain on a reverse nullified by a penalty yesterday, didn't he?

    BTW, Caldwell has really turned into a nice reciever...he smoked the Titans with a little hitch move on that TD pass! Sweet!

    And then I love the Gator taunt of the fans in the end zone, followed by Chad Jackson (another Gator) waving the crowd off like they didn't mean s h i t!

    I felt like I was at an SEC road game with UF!
  7. PatsMyBoyz!

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    Agreed. Yesterday was a teaser;the guy can run and it was good to finally see him out there contributing. He's not done yet.:singing:
  8. PatsMyBoyz!

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    Yup,yup,yup! Corey was awesome! For all the worrying,the kids are alright.:rocker:
  9. JoeSixPat

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    Absolutely. This is HUGE going into the playoffs.

    Unless we give opposing Ds a reason to keep their safeties in the Secondary, they'll create havoc for Brady, the running game, the short passes and the TEs.

    Yesterday the playcalling did just that and the players executed. Finally!

    Showing D's that we have that capability can't be underestimated going into the playoffs. Having a deep threat opens up so many other dimensions of the offense. One might be able win plenty of games in the regular season against non-playoff opponents without a deep game, but in the playoffs, the competition and the defenses just get better.
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  10. frankiesfly

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    I couldnt have said that better. Having the deep threat there, defenses dont have a choice but to be prepared for it. It showed in the Titans game. After Reche completed a play down the field, they started to play more for the deep play. They even defended pretty well against our flee flicker attempt. That was all because of the prior plays to reche. The deep play opens up a lot more, and gives our offense more options. Im feeling good about our recievers going into the jets game, and feel they been getting better on a weekly basis.
  11. Fixit

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    They've been winning all season without going deep much, because they haven't had to. That doesn't mean they can't. Anyone else think we see a lot more deep balls now that the playoffs are here? Kind of like, if we play Indy again, we see an entirely different game plan than the barely-any-rushing and vanilla-defense we saw earlier this year?

    Or am I over-thinking things?

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