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    By now, you probably know all the numbers. This, to us, is probably the most amazing: The Patriots are 5-0 against No. 1 seeds in the Brady-Belichick Era, beating:

    Pittsburgh in the 2001 AFC title game
    St. Louis in the 2001 Super Bowl
    Pittsburgh in the 2004 AFC title game
    Philadelphia in the 2004 Super Bowl
    San Diego in the 2006 divisional playoffs

    Every single one of these teams won at least 13 games. Their combined record was 69-11 (.862). They went 0-5 against the Patriots, who were underdogs in three of these games.

    The Patriots beat these No. 1 seeds by an average of a touchdown: 26.6 to 20.6.

    New England, which won just four playoff games in its first 35 years of existence, now boasts the best postseason winning percentage of any NFL franchise at 19-11 (.633) (minimum 10 games). New England jumped past Green Bay (24-14; .632) with the win over San Diego.

    The Patriots have won 15 playoff games since 1996. The Colts and Bears each have 15 postseason victories in their history – the Colts since 1953 and the Bears since 1920.
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    The most amazing to me is the simplest : 12-1 in the playoffs. 12-1 is a great regular season record but against the best teams in the playoffs is astounding.
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    The outcome of Sundays game lies in Chicago. One home team always looses in the championship game. If this trend holds up, and I can't remember when it did not, the Superbowl will either be Chicago-New England or New-Orleans-Indy. It is going to be ~30 in Chicago on Sunday. No way New Orleans wins that game.
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    Fip a coin, that has as much bearing on the Patriots' game as the Bears-Saints game.

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