Nice MacMullan piece on Rob Ninkovich

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by rlcarr, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. rlcarr

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  2. BB4PRez

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    Re: Nice MacMullan piece on Ninko

    I agree its a nice article about a hardworking guy who has learned how to play.

    In the past I might have agreed with you on Light. But not this season. Light has had a great year and with the Volmer injury the Pats have really needed him.
  3. patfanken

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    Re: Nice MacMullan piece on Ninko

    Jackie has been a great writer for many years. She is in the Basketball HOF as a writer. While I sometimes think she is out of here depth when discussing football strategy, an up close article like this is right in here wheel house and she hit it out of the park
  4. IcyPatriot

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    Re: Nice MacMullan piece on Ninko

    Further proof that the combine is really more show than go for most players. Football is so much more than measurables ... intelligence, desire, dedication and instinct so much more important for that large group of players coming out of college that do not have one or two eye popping skills.

    It's almost to the point that there is little distinction of players after the 2nd round of the draft. What I like best about him is that he is so old school in how he plays ... doing it right time after time and making his chances count when he gets to the point of impact. This is why Meriweather is gone and Ninko is still here.
  5. Skree

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    Re: Nice MacMullan piece on Ninko

    It would be cool if he played offense like Vrabel did once in a while.
  6. RelocatedPatFan

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    I was about to post the link here, but figured I would check if it was already here. I almost didn't go into it because it was MacMullan and I've tried to avoid the negative stuff.

    Definitely worth the tiem to read tghis article and you can see why BB lieks this kid.
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  7. satz

    satz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    He is great at what he does. He is vrabel for this passing era. vrabel was bigger and stronger at LOS but Nin is better while in coverage.
    woith the passing league you can see Nin , Mayo all small LB who would not have fit in our 2000 defence.

  8. patchick

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    Re: Nice MacMullan piece on Ninko

    Actually, I think you have this one backwards. This is a guy who wasn't highly recruited out of high school, went the JC route, played behind a star at Purdue and only started five games in his whole college career. Yet he was a favorite of this board's draft forum and ended up a 5th-round pick. Why? Good sack numbers, certainly, but also good Combine numbers.

    A slow 40 but very good vertical, broad jump and 10-yd split numbers for his size, and the best shuttle/cone combo of any DE in the whole draft.
  9. NinjaZX6R

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    Re: Nice MacMullan piece on Ninko

    He did catch TDs from Orton and Painter at Purdue..
  10. Jared

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    Re: Nice MacMullan piece on Ninko

    This alone probably guaranteed a try out with the Pats.
  11. supafly

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    I posted a thread earlier in the season on Ninkovich, and "doing his job." He has been a very nice find, and a guy who plays with a lot of heart on this team.

    Hopefully he steps it up again tomorrow, and we see the continued progression into a damn good football player at a very important time of the yr.

    For us supposedly having so many "LB issues," the emergence of Ninkovich, Fletcher, Mayo, Spikes etc have proven to be an extremely formidable unit at times throughout the yr.

    While I agree that we certainly could use that one last 'beastly' DE/OLB coming off the edge and drawing doubles like Big Sey did, these guys have done a good job playing both fronts this yr, and should be applauded.

    The front 7 has NOT let us down as much as people tried to make out before the season started...maybe Belichick knew what he was doing after all?

    That said, I have a strong feeling that we see that youth infusion via the draft this yr, even if it's not the best yr for that position. There's only so many positions that can be addressed. Belichick will have no other choice in my opinion, and we will see some kind of pick(s) in rounds 1-3 this yr.

    When that happens (depending on the status of Anderson/Carter) we will have a much more experienced and deeper front 7, and the defense will take major strides into the season again. I just don't see any reason to believe otherwise.
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