NFL's Top 10 most desirable FA scraps remaining

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    NFL Top 10: Most Desirable Free Agency Scraps - MVN Outsider

    Who would you choose on this list if any?

    Of this list,I would like to see Tinoisamoa come in for a visit

    Oh,and by the way to everyone and especially to those veterans in here who have given the possibility of losing their life by going out and protecting this country, I would like to say a Happy Memorial day to you all!!
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  2. DaBruinz

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    I think that Tinoisamoa might be able to play as the WILB spot. Adding Davan Holly if there are any injuries at CB would also be good.

    Jason Babin could be someone to look at for the SOLB spot, though he has no experience there, unless that is where they are putting Thomas.

    Other LB potentials include:
    Paris Lennon - ILB
    Carlos Polk - OLB (lots of 3 -4 Pass rush experience)
    Dontarrius Thomas - ILB
    Rosie Colvin - OLB
    Junior Seau - ILB

    The drawback is all of these players are older. I wanted the Pats to sign Polk last year, but he signed with Dallas. It could be that Polk doesn't want to come here, though, since he was on the team of whiners who complained about the Pats celebrating at Midfield when that play-off game ended.
  3. JoeSixPat

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    It seems to me that every time we hear about Tinoisamoa his weight decreases... it started at 240 - the next reports were 235 - then 225... the last time someone spoke on a thread about him he was a matter of fact 215.

    What's his real weight? That's the big question.

    The guy can obviously tackle - what position could he play here? At 220, obviously not LB for us - but would BB have something else in mind for a guy who can obviously contribute on the field? If so what would that be? Given his size and productivity I wonder if he could take on a LB/S role like Don Davis once did - and if the Patriots still felt they were thin at CB, have Meriweather move to CB (as he's able to do) and have Tinoisamoa move to S.

    The thing is, I don't think the coaches feel we are thin at CB now - and that would be a pretty disruptive move that would only make sense if there were a strong need, and since Reiss and Patriots Football Weekly mentioned the Patriots potential interest in Tinoisamoa, we've heard nothing else (though to be fair, no one else seems to have made him an offer either.)
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    I like Levi Jones and Jon Runyan, but our current depth at OT is pretty good IMO. Tsonioma isn't a fit and wouldn't provide an upgrade over Alexander and/or Appleby.
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