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    I was going to edit the pictures thread title to add videos, but alas, there seems to be no edit button, so I'll just link it after the vids.

    Highlights (TV Announcers Version):
    NFL Video Galleries - Highlights

    Highlights (NFLTA Version - With some serious metal in the BG):
    NFL Video Galleries - Highlights 02

    Cassel Highlights (ESPN is LOLish):
    NFL Video Galleries - Sack Up

    NFLTA Discussion:
    NFL Video Galleries - A Lonely Evening in the Studio

    And here's a little bonus.
    Best of Belichick

    And if you've really got time to burn, all the PC's and interviews:
    Head here and select "teams" and "NEP".

    Lastly, a link to the photos thread:
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