NFLN:Brady texted 2 of his former receivers

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. SVN

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    Just saw on NFLN via Ian rappaport and mike silver that brady doesnt trust his WRs and he has texted 2 of his former receivers in branch and lloyd.

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 1m
    What @MikeSilver & I are reporting: Tom Brady himself has been calling & texting Deion Branch and Brandon Lloyd, gauging their availability

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 30s
    Deion Branch has told Tom Brady he's ready whenever, hanging in Kentucky. Brandon Lloyd isn't yet. But he is acting in zombie movies.
  2. Patriot_in_NY

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    I feel a plethora of "body language" threads coming on, ala 2006. ;)
  3. ausbacker

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    I sincerely hope this is a fabrication.
  4. Brady2Gronk

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    That doesnt sound good.
  5. Marqui

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    How do they know this stuff, what do they have a wiretap on Brady's iPhone or something?
  6. I.M. Fletcher

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    The only way this story gets out is if tommy is leaking it.

    So yeh, colour me unimpressed.
  7. Big-T

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    The same Deion Branch who for the last 2 years was made completely ineffective by press coverage? :bricks:

    Put me in the camp of hoping it's a fabrication.
  8. strngplyr

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    I'm not sure I buy the story, who would Brady tell that would leak it to the media? Did Branch or Lloyd tell Silver/Rappoport?

    Sounds like grasping at straws, despite not winning the big game in 10 years we're still among the most hated teams in the NFL because of how much we still win every year, any issues we run into will blow up tenfold.

    I just don't see how something like this actually leaks to the media without it being fabricated.

    Pretty much agree with this ^.

    Tom can trust a guy all he wants, but if he doesn't produce there is absolutely no point. Sure, he can be 100% sure Deion is where he expects him, but the DB covering Deion will also be there.
  9. borg

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    Talk radio gives thanks for a week's worth of spew, hate, and second guessing. Felger is sharpening his blade and Maz is prerecording "I agree Mike" in order to save his voice for further outrage
  10. RobAllan

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    I'm not sure there's a surprise here, other than that Lloyd may be one of the people he texted.

    They need someone else familiar with the system available. Surely it's obvious to everyone by now...
  11. Archeryaddict12

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    This is a bunch of crap. I pretty sure Dobson said in his lockeroom interview that he has spent time with Tom outside of practice running routes with Tom. I don't think Tom has given up.
  12. PatsWickedPissah

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    Loved Branch starting at his 1st training camp where he shone. Later, I was mega POed at The Twig for years after he left for Seattle but being a homer laundry fan embraced him post return. Anyone who watched the aging, once quick and skilled WR last year saw a guy way past his prime and unable to get open unless someone blew a coverage. The Pats are better off forcing the development of young physical talent than signing any older, however experienced WR unable to get open. And I say this at the risk of this season going down the drain. BB has made this bed and it's best if we run this experiment to completion. Lamentations of past blown draft picks are like listening to a spouse's constant nagging. Not helpful.
  13. Gronkandez

    Gronkandez 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Well what do you want them to say, that Management set the Pats up well at the WR position this year? That they did their best to retain Welker but he just wanted too much money??
  14. Ozymandias

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    I don't believe this for one second. Until the team signs one of these guys or anyone else, these stories can be ignored.
  15. RobAllan

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    It's not giving up. They are short-handed and need a warm body that knows the system. Amendola is too hurt to play. They have no depth. None. Anyone else gets hurt and there is nowhere to go. It's not just the magical "trust" issue. They need someone else on the roster regardless of that.

    Hopefully they find the person that's in best shape and most interested and get them in here ASAP.
  16. andrewgarrr

    andrewgarrr Banned

    I'd only want Branch in a coach/player capacity.

    I wouldn't want him active in any game. I just want him there on the sidelines, in the meeting room, and on the practice field showing the young guys how Brady wants it done. Get Dobson and KT the reps when the games don't matter as much.
  17. I.M. Fletcher

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    I think it's important to consider the source here. Silver is not a writer who needs extra hits, and he is about as tight with players(tommy especially) as any writer out there.

    So I don't think this means either player will be signed, but don't think tommy isn't using his news resources for his own benefit.
  18. Pujo

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    This story is setting my bullsh-t detector off. I know journalists sometimes get crap for making things up, but I really feel like Silver outright makes stuff up; this isn't the first time I've thought so.

    Two things. First, why would Brady be texting them to "gauge" their availability? Belichick, or whichever staffer normally calls free agents that the Pats are interested in signing, would probably call them, ask if they're available for X dollars, and have them in for a physical if there was mutual interest.

    Second, who would know? Either Brady leaked it, or both Branch and Lloyd leaked it. C'monn. I almost feel like writing to Silver's editor if I can find out who it is.
  19. strngplyr

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    What I want out of this is for Deion or Lloyd themselves to kill this story. If Tom says something it'll be "yeah sure, Tom".

    I want to hear one or both of the WR's in question say "I never received such text, but i'll be ready if I do..." etc.
  20. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    Just a new theme to harp on..."" Even Brady is pissed and now he is going behind the coaches back""
    They will run with this and it will be insufferable...ratings gold

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