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    Tom Malone: Holder - handled two high snaps well, but may have bobbled getting the ball down on a 50 yd attempt that missed wide and short (I repeat may, not the best angle and the color man, OT Welbourne of the Eagles, wasn't sure either). He was working with a jet lagged new PK who was fresh off the plane, helped him make his first two kicks cleanly before the 50 yarder.
    He had three punts for an average of 31 yds and a long of 34.
    - First punt, it seems when he tries for height to keep it within the coverage he loses significant distance, this one wasn't returned, but it was barely 33 yds.
    - 2nd punt was better, good height allowed the coverage to get there and force the PR to let it go. Good backspin on the ball, unfortunately the backspin cost him over five yds before it could be downed at the 18, which turned it into a 26 yd net.
    - I missed the 34 yd kick.
    Factoring in the backspin loss on his second kick, he was booting 33-34 yd kicks in the air, at least his coverage, which has been abysmal, was able to get there...whether that was a coaching call to avoid returns I can't say.
    After 8 weeks his avg. is 40.1, net of 32.7, 2 touchbacks and 5 inside the 20. His long is 55. 0 blocks. He ranks last of the 6 punters, though folks may recall the article the other day that discussed how he's coming back from a severe injury and is relearning good habits/technique so he may not be washed up yet.

    Brian Barthelmes: Listed by the color man, former NFLE Coach Doug Graber, as one of the handful of players he expects to make an NFL roster. Brian got to start at C again with the original LG's return, he moved back to LG for one series in the middle of the third Qtr, then was back at C for the fourth Qtr. At C he was his highly mobile self owning the MLB and hustling all over the field decking guys - literally, great fun watching him play hard and nasty. QB Drew Olsen sucks dog turds, but he doesn't get pressured up the middle while he throwing his interceptions, no wonder Troy Smith is a hit in Baltimore. On their last scoring drive they took advantage of Barthelmes' ability to neutralize the MLB and the defense's blitzing off the edge to run behind Brian for the score.

    Danny Baugher: Described by Coach Graber as the premier punter in NFLE this season, Coach stated he does all the punting duties well, including BB's favorite directional kicking. Baugher just held for extra points and one FG in the first half and got his first punt in the third Qtr which drew praise from Coach Graber for being "a great cut punt," right on the numbers into the short side of the field where the coverage team held speedy returnman Kino****a to three yds.
    Baugher punted twice averaging 37.5 yds with a long of 43. His second punt came while he was standing on his own goal line, he fielded a low snap and still got the ball upfield to the 50 where the backspin cost him three yards before it was downed (net of 32). As I've noted before, he's Miller's competition if anyone is in this camp.
    After 8 weeks his avg. is 42.5, net of 37.6, 2 touchbacks and 10 down inside the 20. His long is 59. 1 block.

    The MLB for Amsterdam, Carl-Johan Björk (6-0/245), a Swedish National, was in Cowboy's camp last year where the colorman in a broadcast a couple weeks or so back mentioned Björk was told by Parcells that he could have a 10 year career in the NFL as a Reserve/Special Teams ace, but would probably never be a starter. Reportedly the kid has shifted his emphasis and has been working towards that goal. Now that the 'boyz no longer run the Parcells/Belichick 3-4, and only three teams do, it will be interesting to see where this kid lands in Training Camp.
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    I'm kinda rooting for Danny Baugher.
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    The lure of a good, young Punter is intriguing but if Miller is healthy I'd prefer the grizzled veteran.
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    I just gobble up Box's Europe reports.

    As i interpret what he's been relaying ... my current mock roster has
    Baugher making the 53, ahead of Josh ... due to age and price.

    Barthelmes is at least p/s ... whence rivals well might scoop him.
    Thus, his future is one of the tantalizing tales to be told at camp.
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    Well, we know how NFLE success "translates..." But Barthelemes may end up with a future, bringing his highly mobile self into a zone blocking scheme. Of course, "a future" means maybe sorta making the roster... but mobile is good these days.

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    I still want to see Barthelmes play at least a half at OT just to see how he moves, he is quite agile for a guy his size getting to the next level and taking out LBs, and he bounces around well in the middle of that line helping his two guards who are both iffy. It's probably late for a change like that for him, but he's got decent length on those arms to keep defenders out of his body. As a plus this week, he didn't spend as much time on the ground, good thing he was back at C and easier to track, I didn't have the muddy jersey amidst the spanking white ones to look for.
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    Box, you really do a great job reporting NFLE. though i hardly ever respond to posts I do read these reports. Over the past few years I have been a fan of NFLE but I have to admit I find it harder to watch this year when the reps from NE are 2 punters and a O-lineman
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    Tape and fast forward work well, though today I was football hungry and did watch most of both games. I deleted the other since there were no Pats and I'm recording the Snow Bowl.
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    Thanks for the NFLE updates. I catch a few games here and there and some of the names are vaguely familiar.

    But...I am in the small majority of fans that consider NFLE/CFL/AFL etc to be an undermined source of untapped talents akin to the NBA branching out to Europe/China/S. America, etc.
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    Baugher looks like a good guy to give MIller a run...Could be a PSqd giuy but I fear some lowly team with a weak legged punter might scoop him up. The only negative I see with him is the early blocked kick..which is nevr a good thing..having NOT seen it, don't know if it was more an errant snap or a mishandle..but things happen.
    Barthelmes has beenn a fave of mine since he was a UDFA and he'll be in teh mix with a lot of linemen this year. I still think a trade of one or two MIGHT be possible..but I think he's a step up on the rooks and has a good shot at a backup. I love it how Dante and company grrom so many stud linemen.
    Great reporting!!!!! I try to watch a game or two, but harder when there are so few Pats and more in peripheral roles.
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    I didn't see his block, so I don't know for sure, but it seems to me that usually when a punt is blocked it is usually more of a lapse in the protection (unless the punter just mishandles the ball).

    By the way, does anyone think Baugher might have trouble playing a whole NFLE season and then coming over and playing a regular NFL season? I know that for a lot of positions that is just too much football for the body to take. But I'm wondering if it is the same with punter or since punter is a low impact position it won't be a problem, unless he sufferds some other random injury.
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    You expect to punt a great deal this season? ;)

    The conditioning programs are good enough to get a guy through an entire season. Antwain Spann worked his way into the starting job in NFLE, went through Training Camp, and was either on the roster or Practice Squad all of last season, including the playoffs. That included rehabbing a shoulder injury in NFLE, though his absence from mini-camp may be an indication he is doing his real rehab now. While he wouldn't get the reps the starters would, he would be getting more work than the punter, so I think Baugher could survive if he won the job.
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    Thanks Box, good stuff as always!

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