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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Box_O_Rocks, May 1, 2007.

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    Barthelmes had one false start while at 2nd and goal; he also had a personal foul called on him. That was the bad.

    The guys surrounding Barthelmes are shaky as all get out, it's fun to watch him bounce back and forth, chipping left and right on passing plays to help out both Guards. He shows a nice nasty streak and finishes well. He faced a NT most of this game and had to work his butt off against shorter DL to negate the leverage advantage they had working against a 6'6" Center. He was frequently downfield throwing an extra block or picking up the RB/WR who just made the play. Elgin has a battle on his hands for OC/OG Practice Squad slot.
    Both Punters had good games, kicking inside their coverage and making good plays to field a bad snap. Malone gets the nod for best recovery from a bad snap that sailed wide and forced him to play WR, then get off a quick kick. Baugher took one off his shoelaces and got off a decent kick that gave him a good roll with no return. Baugher did the best job of forcing Fair Catches and pinning the ball inside the 20. He had a beautiful deep kick hit inside the 5 with backspin to allow his coverage guys to down it. Hard to pick between the two after three games, they are gelling with the coverage units and look better each week. Malone still seems to have the stronger leg, but the kick within your coverage game BB preaches is very evident with both men. Josh needs to be working his tail off, there are a couple kids hot for his job.
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    Interesting. . . .

    I was browsing the NFLEuropa site and saw this. . . . interesting player IMO.
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    Box..thanks!! With teh draft, I have been less focused on MFLE..Always liked Bartholome..and it's really good to hear that the punters are doing well!!
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    #11 Jersey

    This is a great service you provide, and something to look forward to in the post-draft world. Thanks.

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