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    Week 7: I failed to tape the Hamburg/Amsterdam game, maybe somebody else can comment on our guys in that game.

    Zuriel Smith is on IR with a bum knee - he was doing a nice job as a punt returner and #2 kick returner, as well as having some success at WR before the injury.

    Nick Steitz was replaced in the line-up at LG by another player, I suspect it was an effort to give the other guy some more playing time and exposure. Nick did come in near the end of the 3rd Qtr and played a good game the rest of the way. He continues to be excellent at getting to the next level and taking out LBs, he didn't attempt any cut blocks that I noticed, but that has been his one big weakness for our zone blocking scheme. I still consider him the #1 OG candidate for the Practice Squad.

    Antwan Spann has played sparingly since he was injured a couple games back, I noticed him in on Special Teams, but he wasn't in at nickelback the way he had been. In general I've liked the way he has played, even though he has been burned a couple times and was fortunate that his team mates made good plays to help him out.

    Rich Musinski had a decent game, he made one nice catch that I saw and he was a decoy on several plays clearing out a throwing lane for one of his buddies. He was in on Special Teams, but didn't make any noteworthy plays.

    Ray Ventrone forced another fumble and made some really nice plays. He may not make the Pats' active roster, but he is making a case to keep him on the Practice Squad with consistently solid play. He continues to do a nice job against gunners on Punt Return teams, he missed a tackle on a kick return, but I can't say it was a bad angle from the TV picture.
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    You are soooooo fired from this gig.
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    At last, I need an off season vacation!
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    Thanks for the updates Box...

    I hope they leave the injury bug in Europe.

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