NFL Schedule Released: Patriots Open in Buffalo

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Article, Apr 19, 2013.

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    NFL Schedule Released: Patriots Open in Buffalo
    By: Derek Havens

    The National Football League has announced the full league schedule for the upcoming season. The schedule, which was released Thursday at 8pm, laid out the New England Patriots 2013 regular season. Here is the full schedule for next year. ...

  2. VJCPatriot

    VJCPatriot Pro Bowl Player

    Well it's always nice to get the season off to a winning note. :p
  3. neuronet

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    First, remember we have had a tough time in Buffalo so let's not be c*cky. Then the following Thursday we have the Jests. Should be exciting.

    Most exciting, Pats are coming down to Carolina for Monday night November 18. Who wants to tailgate with me down in Charlottte and see the Patriots eat some Panther meat?!!!!! :rocker:

    Can't. Freaking. Wait.
  4. Dagg

    Dagg Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    How did Carolina get a Monday nighter!They are not exactly must see TV

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