NFL positional jersey numbering policy

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    Does anyone know what the league's policy is for issuing jersey numbers by position? It just seems odd to see wide receivers (Chad Jackson) wearing numbers in the teens. Apparently this isn't just a training camp thing made necessary by all the extra bodies. I like knowing what position a guy is supposed to be playing by his jersey number; this comes in handy especially while watching other teams.

    The way it's supposed to be as I understand it (traditionally):

    1-19: quarterbacks, kickers and punters

    20-49: halfbacks, fullbacks, cornerbacks, safeties

    50-59: linebackers and centers

    60-69: guards, linebackers

    70-79: offensive and defensive tackles

    80-89: tight ends, wide receivers, defensive ends

    90-99: defensive linemen, sometimes linebackers
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    They just changed the position requirements 2 years ago so that receivers could wear 10-19.

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