NFL Playbook: Patriots vs Bears

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ATippett56, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. ATippett56

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  2. Jared

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    The final point was important: He says in his opinion, the Patriots aren't the "most talented" team in the league, but they are playing the best. Hard to argue with that. And really, in the end, I'll take the less talented team that plays better. (I'm looking at you, 2001 Pats)
  3. kurtinelson

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    Thanks for the link. Nice to see cuts from the coaches film. I'm a little taken back by Mayocks comment that the Pats are currently playing the best football in the NFL but aren't necessarily the best team in the NFL.
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  4. Jared

    Jared On the Game Day Roster

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    He said they did not have the "best talent." But in the end, who cares who has more "talent" if you don't use it well?
  5. slash83

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    Id take playing the best football over being the best any given sunday.
  6. CheeseMonkeys

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    Weird, because I think that the ones playing the best football are the best?
  7. Both Mayock and Baldinger live in the Philadelphia area so the hardon they have for the Eagles is evident.

    My guess is that's where the "talent" thing comes from.
  8. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    How many Super Bowls has Andy Reid won?
  9. I an not saying I agree with the comment. I am merely pointing out where Mayock's "talent" comment could be coming from.

    They do have a thing for the Eagles skill players.
  10. Metaphors

    Metaphors In the Starting Line-Up

    Wins = Talent + Coaching + Preparation + Execution + Luck

    The Pats have:
    • Enough talent to compete with anyone
    • The top coach in the league with a solid staff
    • The most prepared players week-in and week-out
    • Focused and precise players that don't beat themselves (no turnovers in 5 games and counting) running gameplans to perfection
    • No need for good luck to win and no fear that bad luck will be enough to beat them

    The Pats can control 3 of those factors and need to continue to do so at a high level. If those areas slip even for parts of a game, I would agree that they don't have the talent to just run out on the field and beat many teams. But then again, nobody else does either.
  11. alvinnf

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    Having Tom Brady helps..... That was allot of safety repect Lovie was showin Tom. The team that beats this team will have the balls to not care who is under center.
  12. slash83

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    I agree, but their retarded so go figure...
  13. jczxohn1

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    "best talent"simply may be a lack of recognition due to a lack of a resume. IMO, there will be a lot of Pro Bowlers from this team this year and more next.
  14. SVN

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    they said of all the pats teams until 2007 because they are are all bitten by the superstar syndrome. of course once brushci rodney retired the same analysts lamented the lack of those "less talented" players
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  15. Brady2Welker

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    To be fair, the Eagles are a very talented team.
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