NFL Live Tuesday 5 June

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by glecco, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. glecco

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    NFL Live doing a great job tonight (Tuesday, 5 June) focusing on Tom. It will be rebroadcast tonight at 12:30 (ESPN).
  2. zippo59

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    Yeah they talked about his impending fatherhood and had a countdown of his top 5 postseason moments. Oddly, Superbowl 39 was number one.

    They also showed something that shows Tom Brady is far ahead of Joe Montana and John Elway at this point in his career in terms of wins, Superbowl wins, and game winning drives. It was interesting.
  3. Aqua4Ever04

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    A guy says 3 sentences and they make a 22 minute show out of it. That's what's so terrible about NFL, the show is ridiculous.
  4. patriotspride

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    yet you continue to watch it :D
  5. zippo59

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    You are right. Brady essentially said "no comment" yet they make a whole segment about anaylizing what he said, as if he's the first NFL player to ever have a kid. But he's Tom Brady and it's the offseason...
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    The start is scheduled at 12:40 AM not 12:30

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