NFL GM Poll: Pats' Belichick top coach, Ravens' Newsome best GM

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  1. thenepatsrule

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    Surprised to see BB getting some love from other GMs :rocker:
  2. rlcarr

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    I thought the most interesting bit from that was that six of the twelve anonymous GMs want to keep the playoffs the way they are and one wants even fewer teams! (And of course five want more teams).
  3. Spiral

    Spiral Supporter Supporter

    Nine (out of 12) votes for best coach, zero votes for best GM. Hmmm.
  4. dales804

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    Good article. It's interesting to hear insight from those in charge around the league. I'm surprised, though, that Brady even got a vote for being the QB you'd want to start a team with now.
  5. mosi

    mosi 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    Anybody see the NFL story on the 1995 Brown? Was really interesting to see how many people were associated with Belichick and that year. Ozzie Newsome even makes a point of saying the Ravens 2000 Superbowl was due in part to Belichick. Newsome has great respect for Bill.

    If it comes up again, highly recommended.
  6. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Most of us already know about these comments.. of course there are the disbelievers..

    Read More: NFL GM Poll: Bill Belichick top coach, Ozzie Newsome best GM - NFL - Dennis Dillon -
  7. BSR

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    Ummm...because his title is Head Coach and not GM?

    If there were a GM equivalent on the Patriots it would be Caserio.
  8. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    Clearly they didnt ask any boston mediots. They would think he is mediocre.
  9. Gronkandez

    Gronkandez 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Top non-quarterback offensive player to start a team?

    I would answer "a healthy Gronkowski."
  10. BritPat

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    Newsome's an incredible GM. Trent Baalke of the 49ers is right up there too.
  11. KontradictioN

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    Baalke's 2011 draft was very solid. His 2012 draft? Not so much.
  12. Zeus

    Zeus Supporter Supporter

    Boy I'd love to know which GM thinks Jeff Fisher is the best coach in the NFL. Jeff Fisher? Really? Wow!

    Did the GM not understand the question or had he accidentally ingested an imperial gallon of tequila?
  13. condon84

    condon84 In the Starting Line-Up

    I wonder where these other GMs would rank BB the GM?
  14. Fixit

    Fixit Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    THIS. Jeff Fisher isn't a great coach. He isn't a good coach. On his best day he can aspire to be an average coach.
  15. Gronkandez

    Gronkandez 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    You didn't like the in-game adjustments he made in the 2007 snow game? Brady didn't come close to duplicating the 5 1st Half passing TDs in the 2nd Half.
  16. patchick

    patchick Moderatrix Staff Member Supporter

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    Yep, Baalke hit the jackpot in his first year -- the year when he inherited the work of the previous regime. Then his second draft didn't come anywhere close. Let's wait a couple of seasons to see what he really turns out to be.
  17. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    I'm more of a fan of Schneider up there in Seattle.
  18. Fixit

    Fixit Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    I stand corrected. Sorry, Jeff! :D
  19. patchick

    patchick Moderatrix Staff Member Supporter

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    Also meant to say --I have a huge amount of respect for Newsome. And we now know he's considered the gold standard for GMs, which seems right.

    So let's keep in mind that in 2010, one of the richest, deepest drafts in NFL history, the league's best GM spent his top two picks on Sergio Kindle and Terrence Cody. (Kindle's list of medical red flags made Ras-I Dowling look like an iron man.) In fact, the only starter he got out of that entire draft was Ed "Heavens I'm Average" Dickson.

    IOW, drafting is hard and everybody misses a bunch.
  20. TheBostonStraggler

    TheBostonStraggler In the Starting Line-Up

    Three questions/comments about the "hmmm":
    1) Does he in fact deserve one or many of the best GM Votes? ((arguably he has had enough misses in the draft to not get consideration as most elite/"best"))

    2) Even if BB deserved the "best GM" title, doesn't human nature point to not voting for BB as best GM because you just voted him best coach? ((voting him quite overwhelmingly as best coach almost certainly means many voters would look elsewhere for Best GM, unless he was obviously best GM -- which is not the case))

    3) "Best GM" has wide ranging criteria possibilities. Does it mean simply fielding a most competitive/coachable team year in and year out while never putting the team in cap hell? Or is it simply how many eventually well known superstars you have drafted/created? Or is it the pure hit/miss of the draft, undrafted FA players you bring in that make an impact, as well as successful veteran FA signings? What about the players you don't resign? How many of them you let get away that in hindsight conspicuously hurt competitiveness?

    IMHO, BB deserves strong "Best GM" consideration when it comes to keeping his team from cap hell while still fielding a repeatedly competitive team along with draft pick gathering management. Yet one could argue BB's drafting does not necessarily have an impressive list, and his superb coaching ability covers up some mistakes.
    Bottom line: If a voting GM was to say "BB is the best coach in the NFL, and he is a competent GM", I would think that a fair statement.

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