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    Did not see a post on this so decided to make one:

    The NFL game of the week today was the Pats, Giants week 17 match up.

    Just a one hour highlights with commentary and side line audio of BB and some of the players.

    The sideline audio of BB was fascinating, from his audio feed one can see that while he has coordinators he is the GENERAL of everything, constantly shifting between Pees, Josh and Bud, giving instructions on what he wants done, congratulating players on good plays, looking at bad plays on photos and discussing fixes withs his lieutenants.

    It was a real eye opener for me to be able to see how totally involved in every aspect of the game he is and yes just like us he was pushing Pees to get some pressure on Manning, more then once they had the discussion and more then once BB said "the guy can not just stand back there like that and have all day to throw the ball we have to get some pressure on him."

    If they replay it this coming week it really is worth the watch.
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