NFL Europa Assignments

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    players allocated to NFL Europe have been assigned teams.

    Patriots Center Brian Barthelemes was assigned to the Amsterdam Admirals.
    other notable players in NFL Europa:
    Former UCLA standout QB Drew Olsen(Ravens)
    Former Patriots QB Corey Bramlet(Free Agent)
    Former Virginia Tech RB Cedric Humes(Giants)
    Former Bowling Green QB Omar Jacobs(Chiefs)
    Former BC QB Quinton Porter(Texans)
    Former Pittsburgh WR Greg Lee(Cardinals)
    Former Minnesota C Greg Eslinger(Denver)
    QB Casey Bramlet(Redskins)
    TE Teyo Johnson(Denver)
    OG Steve Scuillo(Panthers)
    Former Patriot WR P.K. Sam(Dolphins)
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    Does this mean that we're only going to have one NFL Europe roster exemption this preseason?

    I suppose that makes it easier to understand why BB cut so many players right now. He already knew that he'd have to cut them before they even got a chance to compete for their position.
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    I know they assigned 2 punters there
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    there are no punters or kickers on that list so they must be waiting for another time to announce that.
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    Hahah Quinton Porter, that sucks for Cologne.

    Chris Barclay was a standout RB at Wake Forest. The Browns assigned him to Berlin. Paul Pinegar of Fresno State fame went to Cologne. JT O'Sullivan, who has been considered a potential QB of the future for about 10 teams by now (New Orleans and Green Bay, at least) is going to Frankfurt. Rod Rutherford of Pitt fame is going to Hamburg, and Rhein got Cody Pickett who was a Heisman finalist at Washington a few years ago.

    O'Sullivan is probably the most established player to be sent this year, but there's no big names this year.
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    Right. Tom Malone and Danny Baugher were also allocated.

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