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    What do you think of this idea?

    Each team will have one farm team in a non-NFL city in geographical proximity to the parent club at a college stadium
    There will be four divisions of eight teams each, an Eastern Division that has teams from the AFC East and NFC East, a Northern Division that has teams from the AFC North and NFC North, a Southern Division that has team from the AFC South and NFC South, and a Western Division with teams from the AFC West and NFC West
    There will be eight games played round-robin style by each team playing the other teams in its division and one other team
    The first four games played would be played in July, the last four played in September, the break in the middle for the NFL pre-season where players would join the parent club
    July games will be played Saturday and Sunday, September games played Tuesday and Wednesday
    Playoffs will have the division winners play a four team single elimination playoff over the course of two weeks following the end of the D-League season
    Each game will have forty-five active players, with no more than ten having more than four years of NFL experience
    All rookies will be required to play a combined eight games in the D-League and preseason, this can be any combination of eight games in the D-League and none in the preseason, or four games in each of the preseason and D-League, seven D-league and one preseason or six D-League and two preseason
    D-League players will be on the 90-man roster of the parent club, and can be called up to replace injured players
    D-league players can play in regular season games for the parent club without counting against the 45-man active roster provided they play fewer than 20% of offensive or defensive snaps, up seven players can use this exemption per game, if the number of snaps played exceeds 20% they will be ineligible to play in the next D-League game
    After week nine of the NFL regular season, the active roster size will increase by ten, with the rest of the D-League players designated to practice squad or inactive or reserve lists, and can be activated to replace players assigned to the injured reserve
    Benefits of the D-League include payer development, and access to more markets and TV revenue for the NFL, the NFLPA would benefit by having more dues-paying members and more jobs for both rookies and veterans
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