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    I can't believe how hard it is to get any information about the NFL Competition Committee including a list of its members, goverance and processes, rules and communications. Even is bare on the subject other than a list of historical commissioners. Searching the internet results is a few sporadic references to individual members usually over the last 8-10 years (ie the life of the popular internet).

    I just wanted to know who was acting as judge, jury and executioner on the crimes and misdemeanors of the league. Of course I know it is a monopoly and it has no obligation to be open to the public, however we as fans pay for their wages in many many ways.

    Please fill in any blanks or let me know where the information can be found

    NFL Competition Committee

    Co-chair Ozzie Newsome (Ravens) and Rich McKay (Falcons/Bucaneers)

    Members Jeff Fisher (Titans), replacement for John Mara (Giants), Mark Richardson (Panthers), Mike Holmgren (Seahawks), Charlie Casserly (Texans) and Bill Polian (Colts).

    Non-voting member representing the NFL Coaches' Committee - Marvin Lewis (Bengals)

    Other non-voting members?

    NFL Coaches Committee

    Marvin Lewis (Bengals), Tony Dungy (Colts), Andy Reed (Eagles), Jack del Rio (Jaguars), Mike Martz (Lions) ..... others?

    It appears that once appointed to the Competition Committee you are there for life or until you resign (eg Polian has been there for over 8 years). Does the Committee vote/decide on replacements or are all owners and coaches polled?

    The 8 man committee is balanced between AFC and NFC (4 each) but not between divisions for example AFC South has 3 members while AFC West and East are not represented.

    The Colts are the only team with a representative on both Coach and Competition Committees (though since I dont know the full membership I could be wrong).

    Finally I would like to know the rules that have been added or changed over the last 6 years (those of the Patriots superbowls) and how they have affected positively or negatively the styles and practices of NFL teams (ie Offensive Teams like the Colts, Defensive teams like the Steelers and Ravens and Hybrids like the Patriots).

    And one more thing did either of the committees rule or influence the ruling on the Dolphins 21-0 win over the Patirots only 4 regular season games before the Jets game and the start of Videogate. I was just wondering because the result of that decision (the Dolphins didnt cheat in using technology to detect the "offensive" signals of the Patriots) ceded Home Field Advantage to the Colts for the AFCC. Ironic huh?
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    Out of the commitee how many are offensive coaches or teams? ex: colts
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    You are a little out of date. At the very least Charlie Casserly was replaced when he left the Texans. Matt Millen took his spot. Don't know if there are others.

    As I understand it, the competition committee doesn't actually set the rules, it makes recommendations to the owners. Of course, the owners rubber-stamp most of them.

    They don't act as "judge, jury, and executioner", that's the comissioner's job.
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    That's an old version in that Casserly is no longer in the league, and Fisher is now a co-chair.
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    Mike Holmgren has stepped down and Marvin Lewis was promoted to voting member.

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    I think Reese in teh last few weeks named all the only problem with this committee is that it's all a conflict of interest type teh utmost...Mr Commish...why don't you rotate members so ALL teams will have a say..??? If he had any guts THAT woudl eb what he would do..but??? Not hapepning..

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